Janice B Gordon Talks Vision

Dreams are an excellent visual picture of your potential future, but it is a wish, the difference between a dream and a vision, is that your vision is a dream on steroids, it is a dream with real meaning and purpose.  Your purpose is what motivate you, it is your reason for being, your engine your fuel, it is the thing that keeps you going.

Without purpose your vision does not work, your vision is your dream with purpose.

Whether you remember your dream or not, it is the natural process that Sigmund Freud described as a window into your unconscious mind.  Dreams are images, thoughts, sounds, voices and subjective sensations of possibilities resolution and concerns, with unlimited possible experiences the mind can imagine.

However, it does not mean we get up in the morning and but the dream into action. Without being clear about your purpose, this is the thing that motivates you, this is your reason, without being clear on why this is important for you to complete your dream just remains a dream. A nice vision wish.  It is very important that you understand what motivates you to do what you do, your reason why you are compelled to do what you do.  Your purpose it what drives you and it is important to take some time out to understand where this comes from and why it is what it is.

What is your why?

I have written a whole section in my book Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, on finding your why and the reasons it is important to aid your progress to find your why.

Your why is personal to you, however, in business there are so many challenges thrown at us and understanding your why will keep you on track through all the ups and downs of achieving your goals and ultimately your vision. Your purpose will keep you motivated and focused on what is important because you know why you are doing what you do; it has a meaning bigger than the goal or the problem. A personal why is fuel not only in your personal life but your business life.

Setting some time aside to contemplate what is the core reason for you to exist right now!

Here is an example of some questions you need to answer:

  • Why is this important to me?
  • What will it do what I achieve it?
  • Why does this matter? Who cares whether it achieved or not?
  • What impact will it have?
  • Who will suffer if I do not achieve my vision?
  • Why does this matter to me?

There are many more in the book, Business Evolution, answering these questions will help you to discover your why and develop your clearly defined purpose.

Your vision is made up of your dream or big picture and your purpose or your why. The bigger more real your vision is, the more you can buy into it. You must embody your vision because it is your vision, it is personal to you, it is your responsibility, your perspective your position in the world.

Your vision has to use all your senses, it have to be a clear picture in your mind, it has emotional connotations, and you can touch and understand with your whole senses. It is a whole senses embodiment of your future in the present and your present future in that you describe your vision as ‘I have’ rather and ‘I will’.

Do not worry about how you will achieve your vision, it is irrelevant, you must focus on why you must achieve your vision, and what achieving the vision mean and feel like?

Having spoken about how your dream and purpose create a compelling vision in the next video, I will talk to you about goal achievement.  Goals are corrective steps that help you to work towards achieving your vision.

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