Nathalia Oranger reading Business Evolution

Nathalia Oranger reading Business Evolution

I read Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World and I want to share why I loved reading this book. Janice B Gordon explains difficult concepts in a simple way. She combines her personal and her professional experiences to illustrate her strategies that will help your business to grow. You will find exercises in Business Evolution that will help you apply these strategies.

Business Evolution focuses on Janice strategies that allow business people to find and regain their right path. She calls these strategies Essentials 4Ps: Personality, Propose, Pleasure and Process.

Personality explains why entrepreneurs must introduce their uniqueness in their business so that their customers will engage with the entrepreneur business.

I think that everyone can identify with the concept of personality. For example my personality is of an introvert, I find hard it to open up and consequently people will not naturally approach to me. I start going to a theatre group, to help me share more of my character and personality; I felt happier to share with others my character and my uniqueness. Now people are comfortable to approach me are even attracted to my humour.

I fully agree with Janice, Personality is the first step to help customers identify and engage with you and your business.

Purpose help you to clarify your uniqueness and make sure everything aligns to what you have that is unique. Businesses have a problem to identify what it is that they do for their customers that are unique. Having this clarity in your business helps your customers to know what you are going to do for them. You will find many exercises in Business Evolution to help you find the clarity you need in your business.

Janice said that “business people have to take customers complaints serious.” Complaints provide invaluable information to help you to rectify and meet your customer’s desires. I have worked in customer services and it is true. If you speak the same language as your customers, you can build empathy with your customers. Pleasure is about being close to your customers to understand their language their need and their desire.

Process show you how to efficiently aligning your services to meet your customers want needs and desires. We have all been the victim of long queues due to an inefficient system or poor processes. This is a clear indication that something is wrong and that you are not servicing your customer need efficiently.

The business world is changing rapidly; there are new technologies that change the way we are communicating and transacting with people. It is easier to connect with people globally with technology and through social networks, which allows you to target your ideal customers. The Essential 4P’s is an opportunity to develop your business and adapt your strategies to attract and keep customers this why the Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World is so essential for your business.

I highly recommend Business Evolution as a guidance for you and your business.

This post is written by Nathalia Oranger with Thanks.

If you like this and want to find out more about the Essential 4Ps buy Business Evolution on Amazon or read this blog – Brand You.

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