Business Evolution author Janice B Gordon

Business Evolution author Janice B Grodon

I read Business Evolution a book by Janice B Gordon; Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World. I loved this book because difficult concepts are explained in easily applicable terms. In Business Evolution Janice explains how you can improve yourself to become a better entrepreneur and business person. Janice combines her personal and professional experiences with guidance and practical applications.

The ‘Essential 4 Ps’ are the Business Evolution growth strategies Janice created to help business find their path. First is Personality, your uniqueness that distinguishes you to others. Purpose explains why it is important to find your business focus, this is your why. Pleasure helps you to understand what makes your customer happy. Process aligns your operational processes within your business to your customer’s wants and needs.

Technological developments are rapidly changing business processes and customer expectations. We can easily connect to people globally and with new technologies come new opportunities. Janice states that to remain relevant in business you must deal with change and embrace your uniqueness. In a rapidly changing world, the one thing that is constant is you. Business Evolution helps you to amplify and magnetise what is great about you for your customer’s pleasure.

Business Evolution is a manual to help you make sense of and engage your most valued customers in your business. Business Evolution is a book for entrepreneurs, Business owner and decision makers.

My favourite ‘Essential 4P’ is Pleasure: in this chapter Janice explains one of the most critical concepts in marketing for business growth, ‘you are here to serve your customer.’ It sounds simple but so few businesses get it:

  • Do you think like your customer?
  • How often do you interview your customer?
  • Do you know who your most valued customers are?

Knowing these answers can create a competitive advantage for your business in a highly competitive global economy. Janice B Gordon explains how to get closer to your customer and how this will help your customer to buy your products and service and engage with you.

If you want to reach the next level in your Business, I would highly recommend Business Evolution. Here is view of an Amazon reader:

“If, like me, you ever feel you’re a bit stuck in your business or, perhaps, doubting your ability to move forward – read this brilliant book. What makes it different from so many other business growth books, usually written, by celebrity entrepreneurs, is this book teaches you a four point method that you can use time after time to self and business develop”.

Thanks to Business Evolution you can benefit from Janice B Gordon’s experience, a leading business growth and strategic marketing consultant.  I will certainly use Business Evolution as my guiding manual in my business life. I am Hugo Budillon Rabatel a master’s degree student studying Marketing & Communication at ISEG Lyon, France.

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