Janice B Gordon LeviRoot Music Entrepreneur
I listened to Levi Roots at the launch of BLegacies tell his story of believing in his Reggae Reggae sauce, getting spotted by a BBC researcher and securing his mentor Peter Jones, who he now counts as his friend. […]
Janice B Gordon with her Father Cecil
  At the age of 45, my father was made redundant from Dunlop (tyre factory), his was getting a divorce, his idealistic ambitions of his five children coming to the family home and parking their cars on the […]
Baroness Mone is one of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs and founder of international lingerie brand, Ultimo. The award-winning ‘Bra Queen’ built her success on her spirit of determination, self-belief and hard work.  Michelle Mone was recognition […]
  Working with business partners who have technical experience but are new to running a retail business, they wanted to know how they could boost their business and gain more customers. You might have the best product or […]
Getting an objective and experienced sounding board in business delivers a 34% increase in revenue. Setting up and growing a business can be a lonely place for leaders and business owners. Companies typically suffer challenges in the area […]
Business Evolution author Janice B Gordon
I read Business Evolution a book by Janice B Gordon; Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World. I loved this book because difficult concepts are explained in easily applicable terms. In Business Evolution Janice explains how […]
My name is Marie-Louise Fofana; I am doing a Master Degree in Communication at the University Paris 13 Villetaneuse in Paris. As part of my studies, I do a three-month internship. I decided to gain work experience in […]
20 % of your customers give you 80% of your revenue. Businesses must focus on finding their 20%, first identify who they are and speak to them in their language.  Even business2business is about people2people and building the […]
GOAL Achieved Janice B Gordon
What are your Success Strategies? In this video series, I will present the essential success tips that will get you and your business on track for the coming year. Every year I take time out to review the […]
What your business purpose Business Processes Janice B Gordon
What is Your Point of Different? Purpose is about creating clarity around the focus of your business, what need do you serve what specific problem you solve for your customer? Purpose enables you to clarify what you do that […]