Janice B Gordon 21 Ways to Boost your Business


Working with business partners who have technical experience but are new to running a retail business, they wanted to know how they could boost their business and gain more customers.

You might have the best product or service and this business certainly offers a more personable shopping experience, but none of this matters until a customer can sample it.

Located in a thriving shopping town in London the shop is just off the high street. With all new businesses, you cannot just open up and expect customers to flock to your door, customers have to know you exist.

So what can you do to Boost your Business?

  1. You have to be searchable online, even if it is only for your name and address and a one-page website.
  2. Your aim is to own a page of Google, whether your business is off or on-line, Google is your directory listing.
  3. Use Google places and get on Google maps.
  4. Get exposure with PR – what’s your story? Give people a reason a talk about you.
  5. Get interviewed by the local press, talk radio and TV, if possible.
  6. Get your social network sites up and active and start building a following.
  7. You marketing budget is limited so invest in targeting your best prospects.
  8. Be relentless in your marketing to attract, sell to and keep customers. Initially, you have to do everything bigger to get noticed.
  9. Spend time to identify your most valued target market, it is a waste of valuable resources to market to everyone. Everyone is not your customer.
  10. Be clear about the value your business delivers to your customers and shout about it.
  11. Pay attention to your customer service both off and online, get constant feedback from your customers.
  12. Track you customer journey and identify the opportunity touch-points.
  13. What post sell strategies do you have to keep your customers returning and create brand ambassadors?
  14. Look at how to maintain consistency in your service delivery and how you can WOW your customers consistently?
  15. Social proof – Get testimonials and case studies from happy customers and shout about your success.
  16. Write a blog or for a trade magazine to demonstrate your expertise.
  17. Enter awards to get brand recognition and PR.
  18. Run competition amongst your target audience to attract attention.
  19. Form alliances/partnerships with related suppliers or businesses for joint promotions and cross-selling opportunities.
  20. If you are a visual business, look at ways to demonstrate your products and service, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest.
  21. Get a mentor, advisor, supporter, champion – everyone needs some support and expertise.

21 chunks of marketing know-how that will help you get noticed find customers and keep customers happy, and fill your business’s coffers. Whether you are new or established in business, check out how many of ways you are using to boost your business.

If you do not market your business, you may not have one.


In the one to one, face to face coffee with me I will to share with you the two critical factors that every business must have to ensure that they have the best chance to succeed and remain in business while they grow their business to the revenues that they want. Don’t leave your business to chance.

Do you want to find out more, come have a coffee with, Janice B Gordon. Contact me for a consultation up and walk away with more knowledge on growing your business.

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