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Getting an objective and experienced sounding board in business delivers a 34% increase in revenue.

Setting up and growing a business can be a lonely place for leaders and business owners.

Companies typically suffer challenges in the area of time, team, money and marketing. Only 45% of companies seek business advice, if 94% of those receiving business advice have seen the benefits, why don’t more companies seek external advice?

After all, businesses seeking advice are more lightly to innovate, export and increase employment.

The British Government has realised that it’s SMEs that are driving economic growth, stimulating innovation and showing a disproportionately contribution to job creation. However, the Government services are viewed with suspicion and the allocation and the delivery can be inconsistent.

It is estimated that three in ten businesses have unmet demands for external business advice and this has a significant impact on improving business skills and business results.

There are many benefits to having a consultation with a business mentor both for your company and for you personally:

  1. A confidential sounding board, it is lonely at the top.
  2. Offer a new perspective, the questioning will allow you to see your business differently.
  3. Challenges your limiting beliefs, to maximise your performance and productivity.
  4. Work through business challenges, with creative bespoke solutions.
  5. Employee are accountable to you but who pushes you?
  6. Safely vent your stress, so you can refocus on what is important.
  7. Provide virtual advice and support when you need it, at critical moments.
  8. Share their knowledge, experience and connections enabling you to progress quicker.
  9. Supports you with strategic vision, planning and delivery.

Business mentors help you look at problems and situations from a perspective that it not your own. For example, I worked with a customer experience consultancy and help business owners and leaders look at their business through the eyes of their customers and capitalise on opportunities.

Mentoring is particularly suitable for engaging with experienced peers and can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Come and join The Makers Of Entrepreneurs® for a chat about your business, on 2nd in London or on the 16th November in Lingfield, Surrey. See how we can help you transform and grow your business, all for the price of a Coffee.

The Makers Of Entrepreneurs® are Amanda C Watts, Moe Nawaz, Janice B Gordon, Kelvin Golding and Jackie Barrie. Book your slot with anyone of The Makers Of Entrepreneurs® before they get booked up. The Makers Of Entrepreneurs®: Serving The Community

Source: BIS calculations based on Small Business Survey 2010 and ‘Research to Understand the barriers to take up and use of business support’ CEEDR and BMG (2011)

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