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I listened to Levi Roots at the launch of BLegacies tell his story of believing in his Reggae Reggae sauce, getting spotted by a BBC researcher and securing his mentor Peter Jones, who he now counts as his friend.

This is the second time I have heard Levi talk with sincerity and encouraging other to follow his lead; the first was in Leicester when he was on tour speaking again from the heart with cooking on stage and singing his songs.

They say it takes 25 years to be an overnight success and Levi is no different. When I speak to audiences about my journey and recount how everything, the good and the bad, has led me to who I am and where I am. Levi Roots left his audience with a clear message. “Always be yourself!”

Levi had passion and an idea and he found the missing element in the Dragons Den.

There is another great saying by Jim Rohn, “success leaves clues” Jim said there is no secret “Success involves hard work, dedication, discipline, persistence, and the willingness and ability to learn from one’s mistakes.”

Jim Rohn is a master mentor and explains here why Success Leaves Clues

Think about the people you surround yourself with are they master mentors? Are they:

  • Wealthier than you?
  • More successful than you?
  • More learned than you?
  • More focused than you?
  • More optimistic than you?

There is no point just observing your master mentors and waiting until you have learnt it all, you must take immediate and massive action on what you see and what you hear. Levi Roots said “I knew nothing about business until I met Peter Jones.”

I discovered from Levi that his business is a licensing business model, this is Peter Jones influence and a great lesson. Why do it yourself when you can get experts to do the heavy lifting in exchange for your profitable brand. It is about working smarter with the time you have.

This goes back to Levi Roots message to the audience ‘just be yourself’. You are unique, everything else can be copied, so leverage the best of you to make your brand unique, you are your brand.

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