Janice B Gordon at the SageSummit

Janice B Gordon SageSummit

Everywhere you look in Sage Summit, in every single corner of Sage Village there are exciting things are happening, keynote presentations: included Sir Richard Branson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Ashton Kutcher and Yancey Strickler, sharing of knowledge and ideas.

I was lucky enough to watch @SKellyCEO interview @RichardBranson and talk about the important details when you start and grow a business. Richard Branson said “if you have a quality product, you can take on the goliaths” and he would know.

Comments from the participants quoting insightful contributors of Sage Summit.

I loved the future thinkers Ashton Kutcher @aplusk (I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions( and Yancey Strickler @ystrickler (CEO and cofounder of Kickstarter), here are some of their quotes:

There were so many golden nuggets shared during @jenniferwarawa interview of Shark Tank @TheSharkDaymond and @robertherjavec they said, ‘mission critical is knowing what you do not know and culture trumps strategy.’

  • If your pain is great enough you will change. @robertherjavec
  • You must check-in, you cannot check out in business. @TheSharkDaymond
  • The world does not reward mediocrity @robertherjavec Strive for greatness.
  • When I started out I had no connections, a lot of us start from nothing. @TheSharkDaymond
  • It does not matter where you start, only where you end up! Do good & be good. @robertherjavec
  • You can never afford to lose any of your assets. @TheSharkDaymond
  • Learn from failure, profit from change. @robertherjavec
  • The same letters from the alphabet are used in the word silent and in the word listen…listening involves remaining silent. @robertherjavec

24 Tweets that will give you an overview of Sage Summit

  1. @GwynethPaltrow Loved participating in Chicago’s #sagesummit this morning, always so inspiring to be in a room full of brilliant entrepreneurs.
  2. “The immediate benefits of sport and fitness have helped me to succeed in business” #SageSummit #entrepreneurs.
  3. @neil_morgan @MelissaTRomo great to see our fantastic #business experts @JeremyCorner @Janicebg #sagesummit­­.
  4. Lots of great conversations tonight at Buddy Guys Legends @santiagosolanas @AlanLaing1 @BurleighDebrah @MattRissell @MarcScheipe @rfbarlow.
  5. Sage makes business ‘as simple as sending a text’ with accounting bot http://bit.ly/2aohcex  #SageSummit.
  6. @helmutstahlheb1 Packed house in the mentor neighbourhood for @Janicebg and building relationships #SageSummit #Speaking.
  7. After igniting their passions this is how the #SagePartners party #SageSummit @SagePartners
  8. @sageuk @Janicebg Talking about #SageOne roadmap at #SageSummit with the one and only @nickgoode! What a day! #innovation.
  9. @Justin_Packshaw Think big. Challenge assumptions. Question reality. Believe. Be brave. Strive. Invest.
  10. @AlanLaing1 Braveheart arrived at #SageSummit. Partners-“Are you with me?”
  11. @TonyPriceFCA hits the stage at #SageSummit and talks cloud technology to a packed crowd @PwC_UK.
  12. @JeremyCorner “Often times what gets in the way of our biz is ourselves!” #speaker.
  13. @Janicebg on #Periscope: #sag­­­­esummit @­­­­thestartupvan how was it for you?­­
  14. Janice works hard and plays hard at #SageSummit #Chicago making #connections #speaker #author #mentor having #fun.
  15. @EvanCarmichael When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
  16. @Janicebg Finally I get my hands on @BPFlattery at the #SageSummit.
  17. Fellow #mentor neighbourhood #SageSummit @janicebg @desireeyoung making #connections.
  18. @theStartupvan @santiagosolanas great to meet you guys #startup.
  19. Things may have gotten out of hand tonight on our bus @theStartupvan.
  20. My last #mentoring session with William #sagesummit now I am free & ready to rumble @sageuk
  21. Come get a copy of @Justin_Packshaw ‘s beautiful book, all the proceeds go to charity! #SageSummit
  22. Tweetable moment of the night: @thekillers concert meet & greet. #Selfie of the decade!! #SageSummit
  23. ‏@sandyabrams One of TOP moments from an amazing #SageSummit! Grant recipient @BraveCamps receiving much needed cash infusion! #SageFoundation.
  24. @Janicebg A day of inspiring speeches, product roadmaps and hearing from the experts this was the perfect way to end the day.

Sage Summit the world’s largest event for entrepreneurs. Sage CEO Stephen Kelly talks about how it is just the start of the technology revolution for all entrepreneurs and SMEs, and that Sage was levelling the playing field to help entrepreneurs participate in the revolution in order to compete and grow.

I wanted to share these quotes and the event with you. It is only after several runs at the same thing that the real meaning presents itself, you want to do more than watch inspired people you want to walk in their shadow until you are ready to carve your own path. I certainly came away from the Sage Summit inspired to learn. Thank you Sage for a fantastic event full of surprise, knowledge, insight, connection and fun.

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