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It’s often said that the cash is King, however, customer and more particularly customer service is Queen.

What is Good customer service?

The key to good customer service is building good relationships with your customers. A happy customer will return and is likely to spend more. To avoid a host of follow-on problems always provide excellent service.

  1. Develop a culture of respecting and helping customers, you must lead by example and demonstrate your respect for customers to your employees and influencers.
  2. When a customer complains, always apologise and correct things immediately.
  3. Get customer feedback, embrace the negative as an opportunity to improve your business, this is the best market research you can get and it is free.
  4. Mystery shoppers are a great way to do regular checks on your service.
  5. Ensure your excellent service extends to every customer touch point, across all channels.

You need to ensure that you are giving a consistent service across the whole company, however the customer contacts you, via the web, telephone, mail or face to face. That’s a lot of processes to integrate and manage to create a great customer experience.

Remember good customer service takes hard work, time, energy and dedication, especially with fast growth businesses, who can lose focus in a growth spurt. Without customers your business has no chance of success, this is how import they are to your business, customers are the key to your business growth. You have to stay focused to sustain growth.

You need to keep on coming up with new initiatives so that all staff stay motivated and involved at the top of the customer gaining and retaining game.

Setting an Example of Excellent Customer Service

Through your team excellent customer service is delivered. If you do not treat customers with respect, and talk to them regularly, how can you expect your staff to behave differently? Your employees must be as committed as you are to serving your customers. To develop a culture of treating your customers as you expect to be treated by your best supplier.

Happy customers are easy customers. Customers who feel that they are being treated poorly approach the next issue in a belligerent attitude. The belligerence then impacts staff, who can respond in kind, then you have a problem. The only way out is to make your service truly great and over deliver.

No matter how great your service, there will be occasional service failures, you cannot guarantee that our suppliers won’t let you down. So make it easy for your customers to complain, have a rehearsed system to deal with complaints promptly. Is all part of providing excellent service and great service includes dealing with complaints.

Mystery shopping is a great way of checking your service quality and understanding what the customer experiences when interacting with your business. A mystery shopper is person unknown to the company who goes through the full customer life-cycle, and recording their experience in a detailed survey and then reporting back the results.

The main principle underlying all great customer service is that your customers are central to all decision as it is the customer who decide whether your company provide excellent service. Encouraging customer feedback, get an outsider perspective, lead by example and train your staff to put customers first. Because it is really only their judgement that counts.


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