20 % of your customers give you 80% of your revenue. Businesses must focus on finding their 20%, first identify who they are and speak to them in their language.  Even business2business is about people2people and building the relationship with your most valued customers. This is how I help businesses accelerate their growth massively.  The Business Growth Service is focused on investing in businesses of the future.

A testimonial from one of my clients said that she did more with my help in one month than she did in 5 years of business.  As a business growth coach and mentor, I get business owners on their path. So often business owners overwhelmed with too much information coming at them about business; they become confused and unclear. If you are unclear so are your customers. What I did for Barbara was put her on her path, now she is confidently prospering her business.

If there is nothing unique and different about you what you do and what you do for your customers. Then your customer will not understand what they are going to get out of the relationship. It is all very well being passionate, but unless you can communicate how your passion helps your customer, then passion alone is pointless. When you get what you do as business leaders, you are so much more motivated to go out and do what you do because you have the certainty of conviction. Then your employees ‘get it’ and your customers ‘want it’. There is nothing that distinguishes you from the crowd, which your customer can clearly define. It is all about your customer’s perception, what your customer says, believes wants and needs. You must:

  • Understand and communicate what is uniquely great about what you.
  • Find your most valued customers.
  • Tell your customers what you do, to give them an opportunity to love you,
  • Take the time to find your tribe of customers that will love what you do.
  • Understand the customers that love you and their language.

Being part of Growth Accelerator is the largest network of high growth business experts ever put together. The vision is to provide high quality, professional guidance to England’s most driven growing businesses to help them to achieve their ambition and potential.

Visioning Orbit Tool is a one page vision that summarises your company’s strategic development and performance over the next three years. It is used to help the business develop a clearer vision of what their high growth journey and destination will look like. The orbit tool is a Growth Accelerator tool; it is a great visual to communicate your business plan and define what you are doing and why. It helps you to understand where you are going and to assess the impact of your decisions on every aspect of your business and then to communicate the direction of the business to all your employees. If you are part of the Growth Accelerator, I will do this with you for your business.

To find those customers that get what you do, you must first understand and communicate what is uniquely great about what you. If you get one more of your top 20% of most valued customers you can double your turnover, who would not want that, we all want this in business?

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