Janice B Gordon asks more of you as a leader!

The way you do business has changed, and change is a constant. You must continually evaluate what you do to create competitive advantage. If you are doing business differently, so you need to start thinking business different.

The world is evolving, and change is accelerating all enabled by technology. Social media is evolving with social change, and the means of communication is changing the way we do business. You need to stand on your personality star when all around you is changing; your view of the world must remain constant (although not fixed) to be respected, valued and trusted.

Leaders of today must stand for something, “If you stand for nothing you well fall for anything.” More is being asked of business leaders, than ever before. Your employees, your customers, your stakeholders and your investors engage with your personality and expect you to step into your personality. These people want to know what you stand for and your view of the world. You must share your values for others to feel that they know you, like you and trust you and your company.

What has changed in recent years is that the political and civic societies have become a business responsibility; there are issues in the world what are detrimentally impacting your business, forcing you to have a stance.

These are some strategies to help you find your personal path in a fast moving global economy.

1. The people that engage with you, your tribe of employees, customers, stakeholders and investors, align with your unique difference that is similar to their perspectives. So ask yourself what is uniquely you? What do you do that no one else can do? What is your view of the world? Your tribe want to understand your personality and perspective. You cannot hide behind the business; if you want to be identifiable, trusted and connected you need to portray your unique stance, this is your Personal Business Personality.

2. During the industrial revolution, the engineers had the power and developed wealth based on what you know. Then the educated class came to power with who you know, the power of the educated class this is breaking down because what is important is who you are. When you think of Virgin Group you think of Richard Branson, he is the brand personality of his businesses. Like Branson you need to be at the forefront of your business, you have got to have a view. When you buy an Apple product, you are buying a piece of Steve Jobs perspective of the world.

3. Society is asking so much more of business owners and business leaders. If you look at Walmart, it is the size or Norway, the influence a single company can have reaches far beyond it business boundaries. For this reason, the public expects so much more of you and business leaders have to respond responsibly. If a company can have an impact on the global economy business is big news.

The impact you can have on your business is enormous, the impact your company can have in the world is significant. Now is the time to ask yourself: What is your unique perspective? What bits can you influence? What are the bits that can define you from your competitors? What is your impact on the world?

To find out more about Personal Business Personality read Business Evolution.

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