“Business, as the most powerful force in society, must be the instrument of social justice.” Peter Drucker
When I talk about ‘becoming a growth leader’ I am talking about the Impact you can have on the world, because ‘Small actions can have big consequences and massive impact’.

Leadership is taking responsibility for your actions and your influence; it is consciously deciding to make a positive impact on the world. The Ashridge survey of senior executives; Developing the Global Leader of Tomorrow, found that:

  • 82% thought it was important that senior leaders in their organisation understand the business risks and opportunities of environmental and social trends.
  • 81% thought it was important that senior leaders in their organisation are able to align social and environmental objectives with financial goals.
  • 75% thought it was important that senior leaders in their organisation could articulate the business rationale for pursuing social and environmental objectives. Source: Ashridge and EABIS for the UN PRME, 2009

Peter Drucker said, “every single social and global issues in our day is a business opportunity in disguise, just waiting for the innovation, the pragmatism and the strategic capacity of great companies to aim higher.”

How are environmental and social trends affecting your business?

While on a trip in the US Prince Charles asked business leaders to ‘act the same at home as you do at work’; he is asking business leaders to take responsibility. Inequality is having an impact on global growth:

• Bloomberg reported that 1% have 93% of income growth as the rich-poor gap widens.
• IMF reported that inequality is the nemeses of faster growth.

Do you have a view on the wage gap? Do you have a view on inequality? What are you doing to address the issues that affect your business and your community?

Often we do not ask the right questions, if we do not, we are not going to find the right answers. What is your stance in the world? How can you positively impact the world? What can you do now? I am talking about a global economy, global resources, but individual responsibility, so what part will you play?

Following the global financial crash, business leaders are becoming socially conscious and starting to think about trust and their responsibility to engage with social and environmental issue. When growth leaders think of value, they are not thinking singularly about money and profits; but about happiness and their impact on the wellbeing of others, not just creating wealth but creating value and doing the right thing?

Richard Reed, one of the founders of Innocent Drinks, talks about becoming socially conscious. Innocent drinks started to give money to charity, and then they gave a percentage of their profits. Then they realised the massive impact they have on their business systems and looked for ways of positivity create value for all throughout their supply chain. This positively influenced their culture, gave the business credibility and added value to their business that they later sold for a reported £20 million. Most importantly it was the right thing to do.

I wanted to talk to you about how you can do things differently with the six strategies to become a growth leader:

  1. Knowing thyself First: We are all unique and different: what can you do that no one else can do in the way you do it.
  2. Do the Right Thing: We are not going to have the right thing unless we start now – how can you make you employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholder happy. What can you do in your business and life?
  3. Build Trust through Integrity: Happiness and integrity is contagious what you give you get back ten-fold. How can you build trust?
  4. Create shared Value: Growth is adding value but it is measured in more than monetary terms, it must be shared to be lasting, happiness and joy contribute to your lasting impact.
  5. Relationship Ratio: leadership is not about, it is enabling other people, and it is the relationship you have with the world.
  6. Seek Diversity: Difference must be celebrated and embraced because diversity adds value. Smart people like to be challenged It is your responsible to create diverse innovate businesses.

Richard Branson surrounds himself with diverse people; he understands that smart people rub off on you.

What will you do to build trust, create shared value and leave a lasting impact on the world?

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