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What is Your Point of Different?

Purpose is about creating clarity around the focus of your business, what need do you serve what specific problem you solve for your customer? Purpose enables you to clarify what you do that no one else does in the way you do it, for your customers. This is your point of difference.

How do you identify your Purpose?

We all have a unique perspective. We have all been in situations when someone has said ‘you are great at X.’  He or she has recognised something in us that we have not seen or we take X for granted because it is easy for us to do.

It is important to identify the focus of your business so that customers get what you are going to do for them.  At the end of the day, the reason we are in business is because we want to reach more customers, grow the business and make profits.

Purpose is about being focused on your core difference; that attracts your tribe of customers; it is not what you do but how you do it to help your customers. Your purpose is to solve your customer-specific problem; you must ensure everything in your business (focus) is aligned to your purpose.

I am time-focused; the type of business that is not time- focused is not part of my tribe or preference. I could be the nightmare customer in the wrong type of business. However, if you attract the right type of customers that share your values and preferences not only is it easy for you it is easy for your customers.  Your customers love you, and you love them. This is a business that is in alignment.

All relationships have an explicit or implicit contract so negotiate yours upfront and tell your customer how you do what you do for them. It is your responsibility to deliver your message to your customers clearly; the purpose of your business is what you do that no one else can do in the way you do it for your customer.

As a business growth expert and business mentor, I want to find your point of difference. I want to know who you are, not what your title says you are or who your parents, teacher, friends think you are. I want to see your perspective; I am looking to find your difference, so we can build your business around this and get you in your flow.

Purpose is about finding what is unique and different about you and building your business around this. There are practical exercises in Business Evolution if you would like to find your Purpose.

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