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I worked for a customer experience innovation consultancy, working on projects for AOL, BP and HSBC. I learnt that customers are our best creators and designers. How many times have you thought of a product or service:

  • “I can do it better.”
  • “If they did X then the product would work better.”
  • “If they did Y as well it would be easier to…”

You must learn as much as possible about your customers to understand their needs and develop a foundation of trust. To enable you to build a profile of your customers know your customers name, position, job, lifestyle, age, location, time zone, motivations, tenure, volume, usage and their stories.

Can you imagine if you could capture your customer’s thoughts, you would certainly have better businesses and happier customers and happy engaged customers grow businesses. How can you know what you customer wants unless you ask them? Too often businesses make the mistake of assuming they know what your customer wants, because they have customers. To remain relevant to your customers, you must develop an enquiring business and constantly gather information, by speaking to your customers and asking them questions that will help you to help them.

Pleasure prepares you to understand and to serve your customer’s desires, wants and needs.  The way you serve customers in your business is through your systems and processes. To engage and serve your customer, you must know them, know their language and what motivates them. This means creating mechanisms to understand your customer better.

The result of the process is to aligning your business to your customer’s desires so that your customers get what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Process is not about serving the customer’s every whim. The purpose of the process is to be aware of the limits of what your business can consistently deliver and removing any barriers to your customers transacting business with you.

If you can put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try to improve your services to them to add value to their time and their experience of you. Your customers will find it easy to follow the series of steps in the process and transacting business with you will be easy.

Always think ‘what can I do to make it easy for my customer?’ The easier you make transacting business, the easier it is to grow your business.

Happy customers will buy more and tell more people about their experience. There are practical exercises in Business Evolution  to help you understand how to make your customers happy.

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