Janice B Gordon Exhibition Toolkit

Janice B Gordon Exhibition ToolkitI once arrived for a speaking engagement at an industry exhibition and was shown to an exhibition stand.  I did not realise the speaking engagement came with a free exhibition stand. Luckily I had enough books and promotional material to decorate the stand. However, there were some important things that I had neglected to pack, the price labels and my business card collection container and the competition A4 flyers.  None of these items would have taken up much space. The ability to collect contact details is critical to the overall success of many business sourcing new opportunities. Henceforth I decided to prepare a wheelie bag pre-packed with the material needed for any speaking/exhibition promotional event.

So what is in my bag?

  • My roll-up banner (this is technically on my bag)
  • Banners (rolled around rollup banner in banner bag)
  • Questions poster (rolled with banner)
  • Blue tack and double sided sticker safety pins
  • Different size and colour posit Notes
  • 20 pens
  • Promotion Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Business card collection competition A4 flyer
  • Book review A4 flyer
  • Shoebox (Dee Blick’s idea to give height to book display)
  • Personal Table cover (sometimes there are no covers or they are not long enough to hide stuff under the table)
  • Clear plastic container for business card
  • Zip pocket bags
  • Clear plastic wallets
  • Marker pens
  • Receipt for book
  • Wrapper sweet/mints
  • Container for sweets
  • A4 spare coloured paper
  • Price labels
  • Chip and pin reader
  • Cash change
  • My books
  • Speaking – Computer for presentation
  • Presentation on USB stick
  • Paper copy of speaker presentation
  • Digital recorder
  • Video recorder (charged)
  • Video Mic
  • Camera Tripod
  • Delegate notes
  • Mobile (for timer and camera)

Organisers do not always give exhibitor packs and so there is a list of information you will know:

  1. Area of exhibition stand (mark the space out and plan your exhibition prior so you can walk it and see if it is too cramped or sparse for it purpose).
  2. Layout and position of your stand in relations to amenities.
  3. Type and size of walls and how many.
  4. Lighting if any, (order more than you think dark holes do not attract attention).
  5. Banner company name if any (you may need to think of making your business name more prominent within your space).
  6. Size of exhibition space and ceiling height (this will give you an idea of noise level).
  7. Table size and number of chairs, if any (never sit on the chair wear comfortable shoes).
  8. Power points if any (always take an extension lead).
  9. Catering facilities (always have a lot of water on your stand).
  10. Access times (set-up early).

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There is nothing worse than turning up having left something essential behind. Set your plan of attack long before the exhibition to ensure your event achieves its marketing objective. Next week I will talk about the three marketing objectives of exhibiting and how best to approach each to ensure success. 

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