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Social selling is the use of social media networks to connect, inform, engage and convert prospects into buyers. Social selling helps to answer the prospect customer’s questions and problems with relevant content that helps them to make the decision to buy. In the previous article, I talked about moving your prospective customers toward becoming a buyer and then securing the purchase, here I will discuss the impact of social selling in B2B.

Busines2Business sales can be more complex in comparison to Business2Consumers. B2B sales can involve any number of interested people within the prospect organisation; this group of interested people are the decision-making unit (DMU). The organisational DMU are multiple buyers, each with different roles within the organisation, different motivations and different needs. If you want to get approval for the project, you will need the support of the DMU who are now your customers.

Thankfully social selling can help you to research the varied roles, motivation and needs and most important, social sell helps you to connection and engage and to build trust.

As the supplier to the prospect B2B organisation, you will need to refer internally and externally to research the varying needs of your prospects customers in the DMU. This may require you to bring together a range of expertise and knowledge to deliver a compelling response to each customer need. Research is essential in securing B2B contracts. The internet allows more information through big data to be sourced and organised into usable nuggets of insight, and this is where social helps.

As the supplier you must first have built rapport and gain credibility, much of this can be gained through social networks. What do we all do when we meet a new prospect?  We research their name and business and create a view before we meet in person. As a supplier create the profile, that put you at an advantage and produces the best possible picture that will give your prospective customer comfort and instil trust.

Six ways to Monitor and Engage using Social Media.

  1. Set up Google Alerts for competitors, customers, suppliers, brands, keywords terms, industry and economic themes and key people – see www.google.com/alerts
  2. Connect with the main people on LinkedIn and join key customer and industry discussion groups on LinkedIn and begin monitoring what is said and contribute value content and add value.
  3. Monitor Slideshare and Scribd for any new presentations or documents created by your prospective customer and partners, share their content and contribute to the discussion.
  4. Research industry online publications and events, see exhibitors, sponsors and speakers list and engage prior to the event, attend the event arrange meeting at the event prepare your Q&A to discover specific motivations and needs.
  5. Follow and engage with customers, competitors and thought leaders on Twitter and other social networks (also look at Q&A sites such as Quora for additional insight)
  6. Use connectors apps like the Salesforce.com App Exchange to integrate all of these into your social profiles or Rapportive.com that shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

Remember managers are focused on their day to day deliverables and often out of the loop on technological advances that many threaten or advance their business objectives. Use the suggested social tools above to remain at the pulse of change and become a trusted advisor and supplier and demonstrate the opportunities offering your customer a trusted perspective.

The aim is to craft well-researched pitch that meets your prospective customer specific needs. It is important to remember that your target is not only the prospective customer needs but also to satisfy the needs of their customers; the customer’s Customer.

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