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The most important success factor in any business is its customers. Customers pay the business, which pays the salaries, the product development, the financing, the administration, the machinery, the dividend. Without the customer, you do not have a business. The number one job of everyone in the business is to get and keep customers. If you want to get and keep customers, you need a sales strategy.

Your Sales Strategy is knowing where and how to Fish.

Watch the video; in it I talk you through why a sales strategy is critical to your growth and success. I tell you why research is the key to your sales strategy, what is in your sales strategy and how to develop a sales strategy that works in your market and your industry, for your customers.

The first thing, you need, is a clearly defined market in which to fish. Then you need to research and refine your list of prospective customers (fish). You must understand their wants and needs of your customers, their changing environment and their preferences. Research is critical to define your market of ideal customers and to help you to understand your customers, wants and needs.

In my Success Mastermind Group, I detail the importance of research as part of your sales strategy and how this has enabled my customers to gain over $6 million in additional sales in the last 12 months. A sales strategy is a path that you develop, refine and repeat so that you can solve more of your customer’s problems, more often.
The Success Mastermind enables me to talk about the pre-call and the killer questions to ask your customer to get them to say yes to you solving their problems. I talk further about ‘show them the money’, which is a way of breaking down the benefits of the product you are selling.

The sale is only the beginning of the relationship; you must have a strategy so you can continue to up-sell and cross-sell to solve more of your customer’s problems.
Sales are critical to the survival and growth of your business. If you want to develop and grow, then you need a sales strategy.

What is in your Sales Strategy?

• Define your market
• Research and understand your customer
• Create a targeted list to go fishing
• Connect with your connections
• Pose killer questions in the pre-call
• Follow-up, follow-up otherwise your customer will not follow you
• Show them the money
• Develop the relationship up and across
• Evaluate, refine, focus and repeat you sales strategy.

This Success Strategies Series introduces some of the themes in the Success Mastermind Group; this group will enable you to discuss your issues with your peers and develop solutions in a supported environment. Conduct the research to define your market of ideal customers and to refine your understanding of your customer’s wants and needs. As a member of the Success Mastermind Group, we will help to shift your mindset, to develop your sales strategy and to follow-up to follow through. You will develop your sales strategy for your market; you will be accountable to create new habits and follow through with consistent actions to create the result you want.

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