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Zig Ziglar coined the phrase ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ and  Oprah Winfrey urges her viewers to keep a gratitude journal.

What is Gratitude?

It is thankfulness, gratefulness or appreciation. As an emotional state gratitude is a feeling of happiness that comes from appreciation, it is an attitude to acknowledge the benefits that one has or will receive.  It is the readiness to show appreciation or thankfulness for something and to be willing to return the kindness.

Why is Gratitude Important?

Gratitude shifts your focus from what you feel your life lacks to the abundance that already exists in your life. Behavioural and psychological research has shown that life improves with the practice of gratitude. Robert Emmons, Ph.D. Professor, University of California,  the world’s leading authority on gratitude and author of, “Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier ” States practicing gratitude can increase happiness levels by approximately 25%.

If you are miserable in life, you are miserable in business; you attract unhappy customers, which amplify your misery.

How can you Practice Gratitude?

  1. Awareness

Gratitude gains potency with practice. Become aware of how much there is to be grateful for and look outside yourself at the best aspects of human nature and the natural world. This is the awareness that you can choose to find the good or the bad in anything.  It is the awareness that you choose!

  1. Record

Write a list of gratitude statements in a daily, a weekly or a monthly journal.  Some may prefer to reflect as part of their yoga or mediation practice whatever you do; this must me a regular reflection.  There is added strength in writing and reading your gratitude list regularly to embed the attitude to gratitude to be a habitual response.

  1. Respond

Respond sincerely with ‘Thank you’. Gratitude and happiness are like smiles, it amplifies and magnifies.  When you smile other people smile back, they then smile to another individual who smiles back. If you are happy it makes other people more comfortable, if you express gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness it positively affects the emotional state of others.

If you are grateful in your life, you are more fortunate in your business, you attract happy employees and create happier customers, and you then feel happier and grateful. Having a positive attitude to gratitude becomes important in maintaining your positive emotional state that creates a happier life and business.

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