Janice B Gordon Lessons from Accelerate

Janice B Gordon Lessons from Accelerate

To be honest, like a lot of London based people I looked at International Festival for Business in the past and could not be bothered to travel Liverpool when I have access to The Business Show and Going Global in London. I was lucky enough to receive an invitation from PwC to attend Accelerate the final day of International Festival for Business (IFB2016).

Accelerate aims to provide a unique accelerator for growth, and as a flagship event of Great Britain’s IFB2016, it is an opportunity to connect through a day of insightful and inspirational speakers and other businesses.

I certainly gained insight, heard some inspiration and networked at the gala dinner and during Accelerate:

  • Insight: My personal insight was the boundaries I set myself. I listened to the finale dinner speeches and learnt of the tech city, the creative and innovative hub and how the trading connections of the past are expanding and developing the future of Liverpool. London can have an attitude of expectation this is not the case in the North, they go-getters. Had I not been invited I would not have connected to incredibly positive people.
  • Inspiration: I was inspired by Wayne Hemingway characterful presentation of doing what you are passionate about and because you are passionate he said you will find your way. This theme continued with Johnny Cupcakes flying in to share with the conference that sacrifices must be made to achieve your goals and ‘Do more of what makes you happy’
  • Networked: I connected with Martin and Sanford, the fantastic PwC team and meet other organisations and businesses from start-up to growth.

Johnny Cupcakes shared with the audience his nuggets to success one that resonated with me was come up with 12 things in your business that is different from anyone else in your business category, if you do not give people something to talk about then nobody is going to talk about you.

I am making my list, I suggest you start yours!

Liverpool Vision and the Mayor of Liverpool’s economic development company is the delivery body for IFB 2016 with the purpose to assist participants to secure international sales, thereby establishing the UK as “The Home” of international trade & investment. Fundamentally, it is about bringing businesses together and connecting them with new trading and investment opportunities, facilitated through a programme of 75 events, staged over three weeks and supported by bespoke business services.

In light of the international remit of IFB2016, the impact of the Brexit vote did not dominate the discussions. Richard Branson said ‘when a business person makes a wrong decision they quickly make another one to put it right’.

The discussion over the two days positively looked at two areas:

  1. What is the long-shot possibility of reversing the decision?
  2. What is the full impact of the Brexit decision on my business, its customers, suppliers and employees both now and in the future?

Make sure you visit Liverpool there is a buoyant business community that will prosper whatever the economic condition. I discovered warm and humble business people, delegates and presenters looking to accelerate the growth of their community and the UK economy. Note to self: get out of London.

Thank you PwC for your invitation, I loved and have grown from the experience.

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