Jumping into 2018 - Janice B Gordon

2017 has been a difficult year, full of challenges, self-doubt and indecision. When I look back on it, 2017 has stimulated research, personal contemplation and professional insight. Sometimes, you cannot help yourself and speed the process of change. Because lessons take however long they take to learn. So, now is the time to commit to these lessons and follow through with action.

I analysed that I was returning to where I was before. Life can take you off-track and you spend time trying to find the path that you were not aware you lost. Therefore, it is important to create and commit to a business plan.

December is a valuable time to analyse and learn from your past experiences. You must plan for not only 2018, but place your goals into the context of your ultimate vision or purpose. To be able to commit to your legacy.

In my article last week, I gave you 11 Simple Steps to Create and Commit to Achieving Your Goals and Legacy. Put your goals into a coherent plan that will give you the guidelines to work your goals into existence.

A business plan forces you to set goals! If less than 5% that have written goal succeed! Many studies have shown a direct correlation between a written business plan and company success. Then it’s essential to put your goals into a comprehensive schedule that breaks them down to workable actions.

A business plan will enable you to plan, plot and communicate your actions and then check and adjust your progress. This business plan is not meant for the investors or the filing cabinet. It is a communication tool that facilitates actions.

Here are the 7 Simple and Effective Steps in Business Planning to Set Your Goals in Motion

  1. Vision and Purpose

You must distinguish why your company is unique and have a defined vision of the impact you will make. This becomes your legacy.

  1. Goals

Read the 11 Simple Steps to Create and Commit to Achieving Your Goals.

  1. Strategies

Market strategies are the result of a meticulous market analysis. To become familiar with all the changing aspects of your market, your target audience and your company position. To the develop appropriate strategies and gain a share of sales.

  1. Operational Plan

Your operational plan will highlight the required resources, responsibilities, tasks and expenditure strategies.

  1. Quarterly Actions Plan

Select three areas of focus each quarter year that are most important to progress. State the criteria of success for each area of focus and then the actions step necessary.

  1. Monthly Priorities

Set the monthly priorities and process for review of actions.

  1. Communicate and Track Progress

It is hard to hold someone accountable for a missed milestone, if it is not clear who was responsible for the action and what result you required. You must communicate to progress understanding and accountability. Communication is a key element of success.

I am focused and looking forward to 2018. My bags are pack and I am off for my usual working holiday. This year my action plan is in place before I get on the plane. I can work the plan while I am away in the sun.

I hope this article leaves you thinking positively and feeling good going into 2018? Remember the phase “if it is to be, it is up to me” so, take control and commit to make 2018 your best year yet!

It has been an honour providing insight in my blog articles and working with many business owners, managers and leaders in 2017. I will take a couple of weeks to settle into my 2018 action plan and so expect my next article the 8th January. I hope you have a happy Christmas and an amazing 2018.



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