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“The limit is not in the sky. The limit is the mind.” Unknown

We are so busy trying to reach specific milestones and impress other people that we can lose sight of what we want, who we are, what drives us to achieve more and ask ‘am I really enjoying doing what I do?’

I know one thing that haunts me and drives me at the same time, is leaving this earth feeling that I have not spent everything I have to give and not reached beyond my capabilities. So the fear here is that my limiting beliefs will limit my life.

Diminishing limiting beliefs is essential for success and happiness, otherwise you will always live below your potential and never reach your intrinsic nature.

If Your Limits Are Unknown, How Can Your Beliefs Create Limits?

Your subconscious mind is vast and unlimited, however we only tap 5% of its potential, it is also a place you store your previous life experiences and memories, and file your beliefs. Beliefs dictate your behaviour and control your actions and your actions influence what you become. However, the beliefs that you hold are not real, but your actions that your beliefs lead to are very real.

How Do You Create Limiting Beliefs?

Remember your beliefs will tell you something is not possible, in fact, it may be just that you have not experienced the possibility. Based on historical evidence!

If I said to you that you must base all that you know and are and will be on what you already know and have experienced, you would think I was nuts, but this is what we do all the time. We limit our ambitions and dreams based on what we know and have experienced in the past.

Reaching Beyond Your Potential

In Harvard Business Review Reaching Your Potential Robert Steven Kaplan explains “’Am I reaching my potential?’ This is not the same as asking, ‘How do I rise to the top?’” Kaplan proposes a path to reaching your potential:

  • Knowing Yourself – Taking responsibility for accurate assessment of your current skills and performance.
  • Excelling at Critical Tasks – It’s very difficult to succeed if you don’t excel at the critical relevant tasks.
  • Demonstrating Character and Leadership – the difference between good performance and great performance.

How Often Do You Stretch Your Limits and Test Yourself? 

The silly thing is that no matter how small the challenge when you push through and achieve more that you think, the euphoria is exhilarating, that gives you encouragement to want more of the same. This provides the evidence that you are good at pushing your own limits and that you can aspire and achieve immense goals.

4 Ways To Bust Your Limiting Beliefs:

  1. Set your goal: Your goal must be attached to your core belief and be something you have a burning desire to achieve or a unique talent to execute.
  2. Start small: Build up your tolerance to push through.
  3. Set yourself challenges: Focusing on the challenge rather than the limit, helps you to bust your limits.
  4. Make pain fun and rewarding: We naturally want to avoid pain, so make it fun and rewarding. Create a mantra, set a routine and reward your milestone achievements.

Pushing beyond your own limits, can give you an unspeakable sense of joy, showing you how limitless you truly are. Don’t let your mind define who you are and what you will become, because you are so much greater than the limits of what you think you are. Allow your mind to imagine the unimaginable.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become,” said Buddha.

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