Janice B Gordon Time-Out Most Productive Time Ever

Depending on the seasons in your business this is the period for guilt free time-out.

You must take time to relax recoup, review and reorganise, but in this week before the Christmas break notify your clients of your holiday intentions.  If you will be checking email or voicemail or not, let your customers know your parameters or the point person who will be answering any enquiries. Anticipate the needs of your clients and prepare any projects, invoices, paperwork upfront.  Ask your clients if there is anything that they will need before your return date, this allows them to acknowledge your absence and gives them an opportunity to request critical material.

Some expert’s advice unplugging completely, since I never follow this I will not promote it, however, I do set clear boundaries of what I will and will not do. The key is to find what works for you. If you experience a slow-down in work in December and January, it is important to use this time constructively.

I have established this time of year as my creative, planning and execution period and take an extended time-out to initiate and complete important projects. This year I plan take 4 weeks in the sun to create and record two online programmes.  With 70% of my work able to be conducted anywhere that there is good internet access, many years ago I created mobile systems in my business.

Although it may be time-out it can be your most relaxing and at the same time the most productive time:

  1. What are your creative projects that you have been putting on hold?
  2. Have you put your 2017 plan in place yet? Read more in my blog: Don’t wait to January to start your business growth planning process.
  3. What important projects can you complete more efficiently if you clear your desk and head space and commit the time?

If you start feeling stressed and overwhelmed, chances are you are:                                                                                         

  1. Over-committed and it’s time to pull back and say no to things that are not critical.
  2. Worried about the future then it’s time to look at what you can control and plan the actions you will take.
  3. Not happy and it is time to create space to find out what is bringing you down and what you need to change.

Once you have decided on your strategic goal and created the required actions then evaluate which actions would make the biggest difference to your business. Do this processes as soon as possible, so you can relax over Christmas knowing you have a focused plan of actions in place, ready for when you pick up the reigns.

Time-out gives your body and mind a chance to rejuvenate and refocus. You’ are able to return in January with a fresh perspective, re-energised and ready to take on the challenges and opportunities.

Do not let the business stress of entrepreneurship cause you to miss this opportunity. Just breathe deep, smile a lot, laugh hard, indulge a little, sleep a lot and just appreciate the season for what it is; a time to clear the past, celebrate your blessings and cheer in a New Year that is full of opportunities. I recorded the FREE Success Strategies Series of videos entitled Relax, Recoup, Review and Reorganise to help you do just that!

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