Janice B Gordon Untold Potential
“The limit is not in the sky. The limit is the mind.” Unknown We are so busy trying to reach specific milestones and impress other people that we can lose sight of what we want, who we are, […]
To understand your Impact, you must understand your Purpose. Do not worry if you do not feel you have found your purpose. Purpose it not a big bang event, it is what you learn from a big or […]
Have you ever wondered why some people are confident while others struggle with confidence?  Do you envy those people that seem completely comfortable in their skin, able to radiate positivity and charisma? I was mentoring a business owner […]
What you do today Janice B Gordon
I find businesses that have a good social cause and a weak business model, which means their ability to continue the efforts of the organisation, is limited. However, there can be real advantages of being driven by a […]
Personal Growth by Janice B Gordon
This morning I woke up with my heart in pieces remembering why it felt broken. Last night my younger brother, Tony had a seizure and died.  He was 44. Although he did not believe it himself, I have […]
Janice B Gordon What's your story say
I attended the Professional Speakers Association meeting in London and met many speakers’ consultants and experts in their field. The speaker presentations were so inspirational that I am contemplating my challenges, my story and my commitment to my […]
Purpose Janice B Gordon
It is good to have a conversation in a networking event on something other than what you do for work. Harry and I got onto the subject of purpose. Harry told me his interesting story of life in […]
Business Growth Blog Janice B Gordon
I do not know all that I can do and therefore I do not know all that I like, but I do know what I believe. I am often told that I portray confidence. I do have self-belief, […]
Form a New Habit to Achieve your Business Goal We are coming to the end of January but it is not too late to make and commit to your goals for 2014.Although the setting of goals is critical, goal […]
How to unlimit Beliefs Janice B Gordon
It is Important to Remind Yourself of How Truly Great You AreWe all have limiting beliefs, this video show you how to progress to your full potential.You can talk yourself out of anything but equally you can talk yourself […]