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How to unlimit Beliefs Janice B Gordon

How to Un-limit Limiting Beliefs

It is Important to Remind Yourself of How Truly Great You Are

We all have limiting beliefs, this video show you how to progress to your full potential.

You can talk yourself out of anything but equally you can talk yourself into everything – you just need the tools to know how.

1.    Be aware of your negative self-talk.

2.    Acknowledge that it is negative self-talk, it is not the truth.

3.    Acknowledge that its job is to keep you safe, it is protective programme.

4.    However you can re-write the programme and get it to work for you.

The programme is set with false information established from an early age when you were not emotionally mature to filter the information recorded.

The more your replay a untruth the more you believe it is true, like a catchy tune Christmas song that you dislike but it is stuck on replay and you cannot get out of your head.

A Tool to Re-write your Belief Programme & How to Create a Timeline

Top level 1: State key milestone events, the highlight and achievements, assets and positive events in your life and business.

Middle level 2: State what you have learnt, the key lessons, benefits and assets gained from the negative events in level 3.

Bottom level 3: Record the negative events, hurdles and challenges, the things that have stopped or blocked your progress.

It is easy to forget how great you are and what assets you have gained from all your experiences.

Display level 1&2 prominently, as a visual reminder of how far you have come, what you have gained and what you have done and can do more of going forward.

Look at your timeline daily, remind yourself of the positive events and embed the true insight in your conscious programme. Make your positive insight easily accessible in your mind with daily reminders.

1.    Be aware of your negative self-talk and make the talk back positive with what is true.

2.    Recognise the pay-off of sticking with your limiting beliefs, such as ‘not having to face failure’

a.    Ask yourself “is the pay-off worthwhile”?

b.    If it is better to not be successful so you do not have to risk failure – then know that you have already failed having not faced the challenge of success.

3.    You can quickly retrieve the positive experience and great achievement and start to un-limit the limiting beliefs

So the next time you get that Christmas song stuck in your head, start singing a nursery rhyme or something you like – start to re-write the programme.

I hope you will go forward positively challenging your limiting beliefs and use this tool to re-write your programme with what is true for you – which is un-limited.

It is important to remind yourself of ‘How Great You Truly Are’.

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