Capture d’écran 2014-08-04 à 17.28.25Compete to Win but see the Benefits in the Actions

There is no shame in wanting to win, believing that you are the best and that you deserve to win, if you do not think this what would be the point in entering the competition?  So if you do not win, you should feel disappointed.

Why do we feel a need to soften the blow of disappointment, if you enter a competition you have to want to win but willing to suffer defeat – that is the deal? Competition organisers always say, “You are all winners” in my view this is ‘bull’ – the winner is the one winner, the rest of us were defeated and lost. Be honest!

The Oxford dictionary definition of competition is ‘the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others’ and highly commendedBritish failing to win a prize but nevertheless considered meritorious’

Let’s be honest nearly winning is not winning. I am not meaning to be ungrateful, just honest. It’s not where you are, it is what you do with where you are!

The merits are not only the results but also the actions to achieve the results.  Why get stuck on the result when the actions may be by far more meritorious. The benefits of the process of competing:

  • Perspective of the past, present and future.
  •  Review actions and results.
  •  Focus your strengths and identify any gaps.
  •  Define your purpose and the promotion of it.
  •  Evaluate your objectives, strategies and reflect on your progress.
  •  Defend and re-affirm your decisions and commitment to them.
  •  Reminder of how great you are and gives reasons to shout about it
  •  Opportunity for PR, to create awareness, builds your audience, fans and connections.

Defeat is not looking so bad is it?

A friend of mine said to me ‘One Direction came second in a competition and they are making tons of money’ (It is great to have amazing friends to support you in life). ‘You are an inspiration and a phenomenal woman with great style’. My friend is right, the dress I wore to the awards ceremony that alone deserved an Oscar! :-))

The point is be honest and be real, do not get hung-up on the result see the benefits of your actions, action that lead to defeat may not be the only result, but the action itself can be the lesson or the journey that leads on to other results.

A friend asked me “what WILL you do with your result”? My answer was “Bigger Better”

I would like to dedicate this blog with gratitude to my friends Dianne and Flo for giving mefocus and to Highly Commended for giving me perspective.

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