7407339Are you Willing to Take Responsibility for Your Choices?

This week I spoke to a group of under achievers in a high school, what I said to these talented young people about challenges and taking responsibility for your decisions, I hope has some relevance for you.

Challenges are gifts that give you character and experience and therefore should be embraced.  One of my challenges forced me to make a decision when I was at the same stage in my life as these young people.

I was average in school, quite, shy and disconnected, you see I was put in the remedial stream, the reason was for 15 years my family was the only black family living in a village and attending the schools. I told the young people that others defined who I was, spoke for me and wrote me off. Other people will have a perception of you without knowing you, this bias is based on their experience not yours, it does not make it true, you cannot control the perception of others, you may influence it over time. I kept quite when I was told that I was not intelligent enough to do ‘A levels’ and could not go to the sixth form. I kept quite when I was forced to go on work-experience in hospital because my mother was a Nurse (a profession she loved).

Tony Robbins said “If you can’t, you must and if you must, you can”!

I did not know what I was here for but I knew one thing – I knew what was not right for me. I decided to engage gear and face my challenges, you see, even not choosing is a choice you make. You cannot blame others for the circumstances when you have a choice to change the circumstances, no matter how challenging. I decided my village was too small for me – I wanted more – I want to see more and do more.

What Are You Here To Do? 

  • First decide if you are you willing to take responsibility for your choices?
  •  Your job is to find your unique talents and to do them to the best of your abilities.
  •  In discovering your unique talents – you will develop your skills, gain experience and build your character.
  •  In doing your unique talent – you will discover more, master your art and be able to do what you do better – your talent will become intuitive and instinctive.
  •  You become YOU and that is all you need.

My decision lead to me getting something no one can take away from me, my qualifications (Cranfield MBA) but the journey to achieve this and more has given me my character and my experience, which is unique and different.  Life and business is a serious of steps, all you have to do is decide and then take the first step.

Eight Steps to Success

1.    It takes the same energy to dream small as it does to dream big.
2.    The steps to achieve big or achieve small are the same number.
3.    You should not know more than the first few steps to achieve your big dream.
4.    If you know all the steps the dream is too small.
5.    Think and focus your thoughts on what you want.
6.    Then decide your first step.
7.    Take responsibility for your choices.
8.    Now get started.

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