How to stand out Janice B Gordon

How to Stand out in the Crowd – Make yourself memorable by being yourself

Carnegie Foundation report said 85% of a person’s job success is a product of interpersonal skills; these statistics were extrapolated from A Study of Engineering Education, authored by Charles Riborg Mann.

In the video Janice provides example of how to stand out in the crowd.

To stand out be yourself – be who you are. If you are funny be funny, funny people or people who like funny people will be attracted to you. If you are quite be quite but do it with personality, let your values shine through, if you are passionate about a cause show it in your quite way.

I happened to sit next to a Sir we exchanged humour and I said “Oh you are a Sir – well I won’t hold it against you”

Use your values to highlight your personality – You are more likely to get connections being authentically you.

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