Why stand out Janice B Gordon

The key to growing your business is you engaging your customer’s. It is all about your customer’s.

Janice B Gordon provides examples of how to stand out in the crowd.

For customers to buy you, they have to trust you.

To trust you they have to know you, your values your character and personality.

Even large companies struggle with portraying an engaging personality

Love who you are warts and all, the warts give you your character, so just be yourself

You have your tribe; your tribe will be attracted to you, if you share similar values to them.

Sharing your values and character is like giving another person a gift.

You can only share your character if you are comfortable with your character.

There is so much conflicting information from gurus, courses and on the internet, in the end you do not know who you are, what you should be and do, it is confusing.

When I mentor business owners I start with their character and values, their unique skills, passion and purpose.

To stand out just be yourself – be who you are.

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