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I attended the Professional Speakers Association meeting in London and met many speakers’ consultants and experts in their field. The speaker presentations were so inspirational that I am contemplating my challenges, my story and my commitment to my purpose.Janice B Gordon www.theproblem-solver.com

Richard McCann spoke about his story, and what a story of triumph over adversity.  His story is told in his book Just a Boy which begins when his mother was the first woman to be killed by the moors murder.  Richard grew up in Leeds, dirt poor with a violent abusive father.

Prior to Richard; Andy Barrow’s spoke of his journey after a rugby accident left him paralysed his recuperation lead him to represent the UK in Paralympics wheelchair rugby.

What is common to both these incredible people is that whatever the challenges in their life they have not given up on living their ambitions. You do not know what is in store for you, what bridges you must cross or what mountains you must climb to see the other side of challenges. What you do know is that obstacles are inevitable and it is how you deal with these obstacles which define you, the challenge can define you only if you choose it.

I believe life only sends what you can bare; it sends what you need to learn to move forward.  I did not hear these inspirational speakers talk with regret or remorse; they have had to face the reality of what is and make more of their circumstance. Obstacles challenge your thinking, your beliefs, and your behaviours so you have the opportunity to review your thoughts and actions.

This is why it is a challenge. Here are some of the opportunities a challenge can present:

  • When a challenge presents itself – say thank you because next come the lesson.
  • When adversity hits you – look upon it as a rough patch on your path to stretch your thinking.
  • When there are obstacles in your way – be grateful for the opportunity to stop and reflect.
  • When people are negative – recognise it is their story not yours so surround yourself with people who will lift you up and not pull you down.
  • When you think you will break – get the positive support you need to help you to push through.
  • When you doubt yourself – remember this is a question to your resolve simply reaffirm your commitment.

If you choose to avoid challenges, you do not develop the resilience which becomes built-in with the experience of dealing with obstacles. I can assure you none of my challenges have I requested but once embraced and overcome I have been gratefully for the new insights and experience.

You have to admire the people who have born a lot in their lives and chosen to embrace their challenge and with resilience triumphed over it to succeed in their ambitions.

I am inspired by their example and am more determined to persistence on my path, I hope you are too.

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  1. Really thought provoking post Janice. Love the way you point out the opportunities of a challenge. So often people can only see the negative. I am lucky to have had only one major challenge in my life. I found that by being calm and measured it allowed me to find the positive in a bad situation and to this day I am grateful for the experience as it has made me a better person.

    • I agree Nicky, like you I have never felt regret of the challenges as I have learnt so much from the experience

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