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I meet business owners that have five businesses, five customer groups and five products or services so it is difficult for business owners to focus on their unique difference.  I get to the nub of what businesses stand for, their values, their personality, their uniqueness and difference; what they offer their customers.

Once you have found your difference, it is easier to market your business and develop your brand to connect with your customers and your tribe of customers and so grow your business.

Much of the material on business growth strategies was written over 20 years ago. 20 years ago the internet did not exist for the greater majority. The world of business has changed enormously.  In the industrial revolution, the people who knew how to design the mechanisms had economic power, and then the educated classes created powerful connections and whom you knew welded economic control. The socially connected world values who you are and what you stand for in the world.

If I do not know you, how can I trust you and buy from you?

When you do not know who is at the head of the company, you are not as trusting. It is like being a passenger in a taxi and not being able to see the driver; it is un-nerving. We feel connect to Virgin through Richard Branson, the personality, we feel connected to Apple through the personality of Steve Jobs. SMEs have an advantage in connecting directly with their audience, their customers and their buyers.  Use your personality to attract your tribe, your most valued customers who love you. Your tribe of people connect with you, engage with you  and want to do business with you.

Market Leadership Journal asked to regular guest blog following a connection on twitter; this online magazine gets 70,000 hits per month globally. Market Leadership liked what I had to say, they liked my sense of humour and engaged with me over a six months on twitter, then we talked on Skype.  Now we have a relationship that has progressed quickly because we developed trust online prior to our working relationship. This is how businesses are growing, relationships formed online; trust develops and relationship progress fast.

It is good to be Marmite

It is an abundant world there is enough for everyone not everyone can be in your tribe. You do not want to waste your time trying to convince people to be in your tribe, instead be the marmite. You want people to love you; if they do not love you then, they are destined for someone else’s tribe. Those that love you are your tribe of people; they share your values.  Your tribe are natural relationships; trust will develop faster because they understand people similar to themselves, they are the people you want to work with you.

You need to understand who you are your values, your difference and what you stand for, this will come through in your products and services but it starts with you. You are the core of your business your personality informs everything you do. It is not about you it about the connections you make with others.  You can influence decisions even before you have made the pitch. Understand what you are about and who you are so when you connect with your buyers you have made a connection with them.  Feature on their timeline and find a common interest of the people you want to influence and use your personality to attract your tribe of people to you.

Let your personality, your difference do the talking.

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