Janice B Gordon Solitude

Solitude is good for you; it is good to connect with other people, however, it is important to connect with yourself. Solitude is not being lonely, it is being alone with yourself and your thoughts; it is creating the space to reconnect with how you are and whom you will become.

We are in a rapidly changing world and our priorities will change, sometimes we do not get space to think and ask, ‘is this still relevant to me?’ We make decisions at the beginning of the year and then get lost in the doing and forget why we made the decision.

I take 5-6 weeks out in December and January most years’ to give myself space to think, plan and create.  Although I am very productive during this time, if I feel like doing nothing all day, guess what? I do nothing but look at the horizon or watch the waves or go for a long walk with no destination or time limitations. I allow myself this time to do nothing because my body is telling me I need reboot.  I allow myself space and time to reconnect with what is important to me.

Solitude is good for you.

It is like food for the brain. Solitude allows you to make connections that you do not normally get time to make; this allows your brain to wonder to make the illogical creative connections. These are the deeply embedded connections that happen when you are relaxed, and your mind is allowed to wonder.

In our personal and business life, we do not put ourselves first, this is not being selfish it is being selfless or with self-love. You forget to reconnect with yourself racing around doing and reacting, solitude allows you the space to connect with yourself and your:

  1. Brain is like a computer – you can shut-down and reboot which allow it to replenish, restore and revitalise.
  2. Psychology – you can think clearly and focus when your mind is clear of unnecessary distractions, allow your mind to do what it does better.
  3. Mental health – you can think what makes you happy and discover what is sapping your happiness.
  4. Personal connection – you can discover how to be yourself and recommit to what it important to you and the relationships that matter to who you are.
  5. Problem-solving – you can tap your powerful unconscious mind to make connections not available when the conscious mind is active.

Creating Space allows you to Reconnect with:

  • Who you are
  • Why you are here
  • What you are doing
  • Why you are doing it
  • When it is important for you to do what you do.

How can you Create Space for Yourself?

Can you create a daily habit of thinking? Whether it is a little every day, or every weekend or a day every month or like me, create space at the end and beginning of the year. Perhaps you can get up an hour earlier to meditate and think.  I like the evenings when the house is peaceful and quiet this is my time to think. What systems can you implement to create a little window of space to allow your mind to wonder and create?

Solitude helps your mind to make those illogical creative connections. Solitude allows you to be who you are and will give you the space to create whom you want to become, and this is freedom.


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