How Do You Work Your Best Life?Janice B Gordon - Life is Precious

Life is precious, so how are you going to spend your life!

My Uncle passed away, and I was listening to all the story-telling of his life. He was a simple man with little education and few opportunities, however, he was a giant in the eyes of the people he touched. He worked hard and made sacrifices for his family. He left nine well-educated children, all financially stable prospering with their families, his influence and legacy is massive. His wife of 66 years said ‘he was the best husband, the best father and the best friend’.

I advise business owners and executives to follow their own path. So often we get lost in information overload that we do not know who we are and what we are here to achieve.

My Uncle never deviated from his path or wavered from his responsibilities. He succeeded in his quest, and his legacy will continue. The same attributes can be used to build your business strengths, beliefs, values and your personality. The life you live each day has more lasting worth than what is in the bank account. The ultimate legacy you leave has more to do with what is in your heart, rather than what is in your head.

My Uncle built his life on these same characteristics that fuelled his success. He left many valuable life lessons that will fuel your life legacy:

  1. Be your own person

My Uncle had few words because he only needed a few, he used his dry mischievous sense of humour and his great insights to help us get on our path in life.

  1. Be willing to work hard towards your ambitions

My Uncle worked hard from the time he was born (into brutally poor circumstances) until the time he retired.

  1. Be humble

My Uncle was gracious and generous; he would give his friends and family his last pound.

  1. Be worthy

My Uncle knew his worth, if you disrespected or crossed him, he had the words to cut you down, whatever position you had in society he treat everyone the same.

  1. Be consistent in integrity

My Uncle was steadfast in his values and lived with the highest integrity, he never wavered from his good intentions.

  1. Be grateful

My Uncle never complained and always counted his blessings.

The most important gift you can give is a piece of your best self.

Your legacy can be a deeply powerful way of connecting with what’s important. To pass on your beliefs and values, you have to live them consciously.

Knowing the legacy you want to leave helps you stay focused on what you are doing in the present so that your goals are in line with your legacy. Your legacy gives a sense of purpose and focuses your energy in choosing what you are now, what you are willing to do, what you will become and consequently leave behind.

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