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How often do you set yourself specific deadlines to complete work? So often the time limit is not finite and so the work expands to fill the time available. This is Parkinson’s Law. Have you found that if you have a week then the project will take a week to complete; if you have a day it will take 1 day; if you only have 4 hours to complete the project you will finish it in 4 hours. Funny that!

I come out to Egypt for 5-6 weeks and I have done this for many year. Now you might think ‘wow that is a long holiday’ but this is my most productive time of year and the reason for this is that I love the sun and I have no distractions. I love the sunrises, each morning it is so different to the next, to see them I have to get out of bed by 6am. I have a work productive window between 8am and 12noon and again from 3pm and 7pm. If I do not get the job done in the morning I cannot go out on the beach to read and I really want to get outside and to enjoy the sun and read my book, this is a finite deadline and this is why it is my most productive time of year, I enjoy completing so much work with ease.

If I am recording videos, I only have between 8am and 10am for the recordings, the lighting is great and it is quiet because people are getting up and going for breakfast. By 10am people are going out to the beach or pool, the cleaners are around, doors are slamming, music is playing and so the noise level has increased. If I do not research and prepare the scripts the day before, I will miss my morning recording window. These limitations force me to better manage my time.

You have the control to manage your time within specific deadlines. I do not allow myself to go to the beach if the job is unfinished as this will run into another project and defeat the objective. This discipline forces me to work efficiently and so that I can enjoy the reward of hitting the beach.

Cyril Northcote Parkinson was observing the admiralty’s expanding hierarchy while the soldiers and ships were reducing, the bureaucracy and inefficient was increasing. He found in Parkinson Law that work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

7 Benefits to working Efficiently:

1. You feel powerful when you complete projects efficiently.
2. The quality of your work improves.
3. You are confident in your abilities.
4. You are focused and clear thinking.
5. You are encouraged and eager to continue working effectively.
6. You enjoy your job
7. You do not feel guilty enjoying the rewards.

Limit the time you have available for each of your projects. Think about how much time the project will take to complete and then reduce the time by 10%, this is not to create stress but to create a little pressure to work efficiently and to reduce procrastination.

7 Ways to make your day more Productive:

1. Plan you day the night before.
2. Set finite time limits and have the discipline to stick to it.
3. Clear your desk of all distractions, switch off alerts and do not accept calls.
4. Plan and organise your project before you start.
5. Reduce the time to complete the project by 10%.
6. Complete the project with the time set.
7. Reward yourself in your breaks between projects.

You will be amazed at how effective you can be planning, organising and completing your projects if you set a specific deadline.

Work will expands to fill the time available for its completion if you allow it. You have the ability to manage your time and organise your workload so you can create more time to enjoy your day and your life and have fun doing so.

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