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Take Responsibility & GrowDo you take Responsibility for Your Choices?

Some people abdicate choosing to other people, for fear of getting it wrong. It’s easy to blame others for your circumstances especially if you choose not to choose, but not deciding is still a choice that you make. You cannot abdicate your life!

Not choosing does not dismiss your responsibility. If you choose not to choose, then if the circumstances do not take the path that you would like, you cannot blame and complain. Always remember it is your responsibility to change your circumstances and not the responsibility of other people.

I decided to take responsibility for my choices and I can tell you it is a relief. I know, what is mine and own it and happily, what is not mine. Owning my choices means taking responsibility for the good, the bad and the ugly and that’s OK because it is my good, my bad and my ugly and it’s my choice.

Choosing not to step forward does not keep you safe, it holds you back and keeps you in fear. Can you see that this just keeps you in a fixed position and in fear? Scared to move forward, ‘I know let’s stay here and blame others.’

All you have to do is take the first step, the first steps moves you out of the protective fixed position. Every step is a choice, your choice; every step moves you forward on your path.

Are you willing to take responsibility for your choices?

Are you willing to get on your path? The experience of your path will develop your skills and inform your experience, which will help you to:

  • Reduce your fears.
  • Discover more about who you really are.
  • Stay on your path.

This is the path which is right for you because it is your choice.

Will Smith said, ‘You become YOU and that is all you need.’ That is all you need!

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4 Responses

  1. Responsibility is a very interesting topic and at the top of my mind today for many reasons. Taking responsibility for my choices has never been difficult for me, in fact probably the opposite. I find I can also be too ready to accept and take responsibility for something, and that I help other people abdicate their responsibility. This is the great dilemma. As an example I recently hired someone to help me with my thinking about a new business. I freely accept I chose the wrong person to help me with my particular issues and the consequences of wasted money and time. It’s just a pity that it doesn’t always work both ways! Although the individual hasn’t delivered on any count, they accept no responsibility at all and choose to keep the money. 🙂

    • I was talking to a colleague yesterday and this was her issue being the eldest she had ‘big sister syndrome’ and then was annoyed when her sisters were not equally supportive.
      I am sorry to hear about your poor experience. have a consultation first to agree the clear outcomes you expect and agree a mid review when the balance is paid where possible.
      Do not spend time on it (what comes around goes around) learn from the experience but do not let it change your you are, your next experience will be positive. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.
      Let me know if I can help further.

  2. Hi Janice, this is so important! I don’t see many people talking about taking responsibility… Blaming other people or the circumstances can be very comforting but keeps you stuck. So thank you for explaining so well…

    • Although I talk about business, business people are people first and what they do in life affects their business. Sometime I meet people who do not realise that they are stuck and not all want to get unstuck – and that OK too. If I can help people get unstuck and reach their potential then I am extremely happy.

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