What is Your Value Janice B Gordon

What is Your Value?

So often, we value ourselves less than we value other people. You may feel other people do not value you enough. The problem is if I am to value myself by other people’s standards or perceptions I will be left dissatisfied and ill content, with my life, my work and my business. This is not a happy position.

It is important to separate your worth from your value.

Your worth cannot change each human being whether rich or poor is worth the same. Worth is your infinite potential, it cannot be given or taken away, and it is infinite and equal.

Your value is what you believe it to be. Your value is what you give in exchange for receiving benefits, and those benefits may be money, love, experience or knowledge.  The value you give may be assessed by others as more or less in received benefit. Your value is traded and assessed by the perception of others.  You have no control over the perception of others so how do you create the appropriate return for your value?

Understand other people perspective

Understand other people’s perspective and their assessment of your value without changing what you have to offer. How other people assess value is complicated and multi-facet, to do with their past and current relationship and experience, much of which you cannot influence.

There is no point offering options A if option B of your value is of more use to a buyer; demonstrate the results of B; sell the solution to their wants and needs. Although you have abundant gifts on offer, it is not about you; it is your buyer who has the choice of whether to accept what they think will solve their problem. This applies to whether you are offering your value in a job interview, making an offer to a customer, pitching for a contract, negotiating with your family or colleagues. Each scenario will have a difference perception of what your value is worth to them. Talk about the related and additional value of B that might be A or the easy collaborations and connections, connect with what is important to them. Make your offer of value in the language of your buyer.

Make your Offer

  1. Your value is what you believe it to be.
  2. Your worth is separate from your value.
  3. Understand how the buyer assesses value.
  4. When trading your value understand how it is perceived by the buyer.
  5. Make your offer of value in a language that speaks to your buyer’s problem.
  6. Your worth will not change even if the buyer rejects or offers less benefit for your value.

This is part of the Success Strategies series; I believe you cannot separate you from your business. These strategies help you to think about the way you think, behave and act in your life and how this affects your work and the success of your business. This and other essential strategies will be developed in the Success Mastermind Group register at info@theproblem-solver.com

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