What your business purpose Business Processes Janice B Gordon
What is Your Point of Different? Purpose is about creating clarity around the focus of your business, what need do you serve what specific problem you solve for your customer? Purpose enables you to clarify what you do that […]
Personality Janice B Gordon
  Why Customers must Identify, Connect and Engage to Trust and Transact. Personality has become important because customers now have to build relationships through the computer interface and customers want to know, connect and trust the character behind […]
Janice B Gordon
Thought-through solutions for business people Janice helps established businesses overcome their challenges and grow. Her experience spans over 20 years. Unlike so many coaches, mentors and business consultants, Janice has a solid background of starting and growing successful […]
Janice B Gordon What's your story say
I attended the Professional Speakers Association meeting in London and met many speakers’ consultants and experts in their field. The speaker presentations were so inspirational that I am contemplating my challenges, my story and my commitment to my […]
Purpose Janice B Gordon
It is good to have a conversation in a networking event on something other than what you do for work. Harry and I got onto the subject of purpose. Harry told me his interesting story of life in […]
What lessons can you learn Janice B Gordon
Business Mentoring:The Value is not The Idea, the Value in the Implementation of The Idea. Every year I review my business to learn real insights about myself and my business. I have wrestled with how much free knowledge, […]
Embrace the unique Janice B Gordon
It is not the end of the world today 21.12.2012 but it is an opportunity for renewal. This Friday at the stroke of solstice (4:12 a.m. Mountain Standard Time), the Maya Long Count calendar will click over to […]
Insights into what yo do Janice B Gordon
I find customers really do know the answer, but they do not always know the right questions; this is your job as the service provider! Whether you are a retailer or service provider you need to ask the […]
Planning to win Janice B Gordon
Great people make what they do look easy, but it is all in the planning.I remember when I ran my perfect race. I conceived my tactics at each stage of the race and visualised the way I would […]
build customer relationships Janice B Gordon
Building Customer Relationships and Sales Opportunities All too often business set up obstacles in the customer’s journey. Online, your customer journey can be measured with a tool such as Google Analytics, which tracks how many people visit your […]