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2483828I find customers really do know the answer, but they do not always know the right questions; this is your job as the service provider! Whether you are a retailer or service provider you need to ask the right questions to ensure what you offer is what your customers want. Not only this, you need to be clear about why your offer is uniquely different and convey this to your customers.

I am working with a customer who constantly tells me “no one has ever asked her that question before”.  I have always been interested in what makes people tick, I want to find out their story so I look for the unique differences in their business.

If you ask the right questions of yourself and your customers you can gain insight into the reason why we do what you do. Ask the right questions, drill down for the insight with a ‘Why’ question and listen – really hear the answers. Try it yourself:

·         Why do you do what you do?

·         What do you do that no one else can do in the way that you do it?

·         Why do you have this talent/skill/product/service?

·         What niche market(group of customers) are looking for what your offer (what you do)?

·         Why can’t the customer get it anywhere else?

·         What is your point of difference (why come to you)?

·         Why can’t someone else offer what you have?

Look for the ‘Why’? Not just the ‘What’? Discovering ‘why’ you do what you do will help you to maintain continued commitment to the end result when it gets hard.

These questions will bring you insights about your unique difference, your offer and your business – what you do why you do it and why you customer would want what you do?

Take some time over this seasonal break to reflect on your ‘What’ and ‘Why’?

Remember 21st December is a new beginning not and just an ending. It is an opportunity to evolve and commit to what you want in the coming years.

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