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3137093With all the competing demands of managing a business and the challenge of growing the business, it is easy to lose focus.  I advise and mentor entrepreneurs who have lost a sense of who they are and what they stand for in their business.

When starting a business there is a perception that you should be ‘professional’, ‘functional’, ‘systematic’, that you should have a ‘logo’ and develop a ‘brand’; but what are these important decisions based upon and how do they evolve with the experience of running the business?

Most business relationships are based on trust so the basis for developing a business must be on your true authentic self! You should not be anything but yourself in business. Your true authentic self can never get lost, you have been working on it all your life; it is the one constant when everything else is challenging and changing.

Charalambo Vlachoutsicos states that Authenticity is about giving a message about your true self – one you must continually shape and deliver by thoughtfully choosing your words and behaviours to suit the people you interact with and the specific purpose at hand. It is crucial to recognize that authenticity is a social ability. Implicit in the concept of being authentic – ‘being actually what is claimed’ – are qualities of interactive behaviour. http://bit.ly/Z2o06P

Do not be afraid to be your true authentic self in business. ‘Like attracts Like’, if you are a colourful person be a colourful business, guess what? Other colourful people will naturally be attracted to you – like a magnet.  Work with what you already have at your disposal and which is yours to give in abundance.

If you develop a logo, brand, product or service which does not ring true to your authentic self, your customers instinctively see or feel something is amiss and will not trust the credibility of you, your product or service and this will certainly hinder the growth of your business.

I worked with an entrepreneur who wore canary yellow to our initial meeting (you have to have confidence to wear this colour).  The entrepreneur was the service provider in their business and their website was a washed-out blue which was calming but cold. The credibility of the business was undermined because the personality of the service provider and the personality of business brand did not ring true.

When I aligned the authentic personality of the service provider and their business, they felt a weight had been lifted, as they no longer had to portray something that did not reflect their true authentic self.  Now so much more business flows easily because there is an authentic alignment between the personality of the service provider and their business, which attracts like-minded customers
If it does not ring true with you, it will not ring true with your customers either!

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