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6248996Business Mentoring:The Value is not The Idea, the Value in the Implementation of The Idea.
Every year I review my business to learn real insights about myself and my business. I have wrestled with how much free knowledge, ideas and advice I give. I have sweat to gain my qualifications and experience, and continue to invest in the development my skills and continuous learning. However, it is my DNA to think of ideas and solutions based on information given to me. I cannot help myself, when I am on a roll it just oozes out of me and I share what is relevant to that situation at that time.

I am in the business of knowledge transfer so it is not that I resent giving free advice.

1.    I know that changing habits and behaviours is difficult and that most people do not implement well; which is why business mentoring is essential and powerful.

2.    Most people do not value free advice; if they do not value it, they will not implement it and if they will not implement it, they will not see the results or value of it.

So I wonder whether my free advice or knowledge a waste? I remember Peter Thompson stating that ‘people value what is the edge of their perception of expensive’ http://bit.ly/R99fra. When we pay for a product or service this motivates us to want to extract the value. Free is not valued and so not implemented – be honest how many of us:

·         Download free packages and never looked at them?

·         Have been given something and never used it?

·         Have purchased something we perceive to be cheap and then not used it for all it has to offer?

If you had to think about purchasing a product or service, would you be more committed to making it work?  Strangely enough; a working product or service is perceived as having given value.

In order to achieve my goal of business growth (mine and my client’s); I have realised that it is my job to create an efficient sales machine, which helps business owners wanting to grow their business make a commitment.  If I do not do this job well, I fail all the potential business owners I could be helping to get on their path and to grow authentic businesses.

I have realised that I do not have to worry about giving free advice and ideas, because I have an abundant source of ideas. These are abundant solutions created on the business owners’ experience of their business, who may not have the tools to extract maximum value out of their knowledge. I enhance their knowledge with my knowledge and experience, so every solution is as uniquely different as is the business owner, their business and their customer group. The value is not the idea, the value in the implementation of the idea, the mentoring.

The benefit of reviewing my business is that it gives me an opportunity to evaluate myself and my business honestly and set the business future focus.

What have you learnt about yourself and your business in reviewing your business?

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