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Planning to winGreat people make what they do look easy, but it is all in the planning.I remember when I ran my perfect race. I conceived my tactics at each stage of the race and visualised the way I would win. With no doubt of the result. Mo Farah on Saturday entered the race with every intention of winning and what we witnessed was a man running into history with his perfect race. It was beautiful.

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Patrick Collins commentates “After loitering at the back of the field … Four were left when Mo rejoined the argument, answering the pace in kind. With three to go, he was in third place and a genuine factor. And then the plot unfolded. With the pace lifting to agonising levels, with 700 metres still to cover, Mo hit the front. Beautifully balanced, free from stress… he began to inflict real pain on the pursuers. The noise became unbearable, the tension relentless. The kind of run which the great ones plan to perfection”. Farrington offers a free eBook ‘Planning to Win’ in the link below, in it he states “Generally, top achievers expect to be successful and consequently, they usually are. They are driven by a ‘Have To’ attitude – not a ‘Want To’ attitude. If you have no concrete goals and you have been succeeding in spite of yourself, just think how much more success you could enjoy if you set your sights on a definite path and had a specific time-frame in which you expect to reach your destination.” it is not just about planning to win it is about planning to win your own race, using you own unique skills and abilities.Peter Bregman in the HBR blog network ‘Play the game you know you can win’ refers to Malcolm Gladwell in his article How David Beats Goliath. Malcolm talks about the moment that David shed his armour. He knew he couldn’t win a game of strength against strength. But he also knew he was faster, more agile, and had better aim. So he picked up five stones, dashed out of the pack, and won the battle. He broke the rules and reinvented the game.Peter asks: What game are you playing? Is it the right game for your particular skills and talents? Is it a perfect set-up for you or your company to win? If not, then perhaps it’s time to play a different game or invent one of your own; one that you can win. my workshop ‘4 Steps to Making Your Business Difference’ I will be helping you develop your uniqueness in business so you can play your own game to win – Places are limited. Register today

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