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How to believeFrench writer and Nobel Prize winner Anatole France once said, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”.

But how do you believe? 

There is a saying ‘what you believe you will achieve’, but it is not that simple or passive, things do not just come to you; you have to make things happen. Brian Kim set out in ‘How to Believe You Can Do Anything’ a strategy for gaining belief

First you must write down your belief and choose your words carefully, you must emotionally engage with the words.

Then visualise the belief as if it is already achieved, how would if feel, taste and look like? How would you act and what would you say?  Start to embody the feeling of the belief and own it.

Now you need to continually reinforce your belief:

·         Write down you belief every day ‘I am …’ and post it everywhere that your eyes can see, your fridge, your bathroom mirror, above your bed, in your car, at your desk etc…

·         Associate and engage with people who have already achieve your belief or share your belief

·         Take continued and positive actions to make the belief happen ‘if you do what you have always done, then you will get what you have always got’.

·         Acknowledge and record your progress and celebrate your achievements

·         Continue to reinforce your belief and your belief will grow exponentially.

How do you Achieve it?

How do you eat an elephant? A chunk at a time or bit by bit; after all running a marathon is only putting one foot in front of the other! To help you here is Chad Howse ‘10 Things Successful People Live by before they make it’:

1. Stop making excuses.

2. Do it for a bigger better reason, do it for others.

3. It takes hard work and commitment.

4. Look after your biggest asset your health and wellbeing is important.

5. Maintain your guiding Principles, whatever happens.

6. Do the right thing.

7. A reason must be bigger than the thing itself.

8. Adapt, change and evolve but never give up.

9. Invest in your biggest asset and sharpen your saw.

10. The biggest Risk is that you are not going to get out alive.

We can all achieve our hearts desire in business and in life – if you know how to believe you can achieve!

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