The top Wimbledon tennis players are closely matched; every shot is performed to gain an advantage, and every practice session is a rehearsal to improve the odds of gaining an advantage. When you review the statistics, the […]
I had a recent conversation with a business and the topic of differentiation came up. Why differentiate? Many businesses struggle with differentiation and it has deep consequences and benefits. Harvard professor Michael Porter the leading authority on differentiation […]
To understand your Impact, you must understand your Purpose. Do not worry if you do not feel you have found your purpose. Purpose it not a big bang event, it is what you learn from a big or […]
“Business, as the most powerful force in society, must be the instrument of social justice.” Peter Drucker When I talk about ‘becoming a growth leader’ I am talking about the Impact you can have on the world, because […]
Janice B Gordon asks more of you as a leader! The way you do business has changed, and change is a constant. You must continually evaluate what you do to create competitive advantage. If you are doing business […]
20 % of your customers give you 80% of your revenue. Businesses must focus on finding their 20%, first identify who they are and speak to them in their language.  Even business2business is about people2people and building the […]
Have you ever wondered why some people are confident while others struggle with confidence?  Do you envy those people that seem completely comfortable in their skin, able to radiate positivity and charisma? I was mentoring a business owner […]
What is Your Value Janice B Gordon
What is Your Value? So often, we value ourselves less than we value other people. You may feel other people do not value you enough. The problem is if I am to value myself by other people’s standards […]
Janice B Gordon in Gele in Africolette
(sorry the video is a bit dark but content and sound good) I meet business owners that have five businesses, five customer groups and five products or services so it is difficult for business owners to focus on […]
Janice B Gordon What's Your Legacy
I am feeling the sudden loss of a much admired and loved younger brother. I had a panic attack because I could not find a picture of him on my computer and have a task to rummage through […]