How do you get customers Janice B Gordon
Create a Personal Business personality: To get anywhere near being noticed above the crowd when we are all exposed to more than 5,000 messages a day; presenting and promoting a unique character and personality is crucial? Shifting market […]
5 steps make an offer Janice B Gordon
You are in business to make it easy for your potential customer to say – ‘YES’!  So your job as a business owner is NOT to sell, but to present the solution that your customers wants and needs.  Your […]
For business grow Janice B Gordon
Business must give Customer’s what they Want not just Need Business does not exist in a bubble the key element to business growth are customers. Your business growth strategies are your customer wants and needs, you cannot serve […]
Understand Maslow's levels Janice B Gordon
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Customer Service  The original source, says Naumi Haque(Wikinomics approaches to contact centers), is from the book “Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo From Maslow,” by Chip Conley. ‘It highlights why customer interaction strategies are changing from a […]
Turn customer complaints to opportunities Janice B Gordon
I was recently left down by a venue supplier for an important event and due to the last minute nature I was forced to postpone for a later date and different venue.I found it galling that the venue […]
How to wow and engage by Janice B Gordon
I attended the Evening Standard Business Connection event last week, a network for small businesses. Presentations were given by tech investors and social media leaders. Paul Harrison of Carve Consulting said “you have to fish where the fish […]
Effective delegation by Janice B Gordon
At the start of the business journey customers are at the centre of the business because, without them there is have no business!  When the business grows and becomes more established, you employ staff, then your focus moves […]
Invest in your employees Janice B Gordon
You cannot control how your customers think but you can heavily influence how your employees think, behave and act. I have never found a business that has engaged employees and dis-engaged customers. Induce your employees thoroughly into the […]
build customer relationships Janice B Gordon
Building Customer Relationships and Sales Opportunities All too often business set up obstacles in the customer’s journey. Online, your customer journey can be measured with a tool such as Google Analytics, which tracks how many people visit your […]