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1650118Create a Personal Business personality: To get anywhere near being noticed above the crowd when we are all exposed to more than 5,000 messages a day; presenting and promoting a unique character and personality is crucial?

Shifting market dynamics and new innovations have radically altered the way business interacts with customers. Twenty years ago,  service was almost universally limited to face-to-face interactions, today business face the challenge of addressing a new generation of consumers who expect more pre and post sale interaction via a variety of touch points, social media, web chat, video self-service, the back office and many other communication channels.  Purchasing decisions and impulses are now based upon a new set of criteria and rules that has marginalised the power of business to persuade and give customers tremendous power to choose and influence.

Character and Personality has become important because consumers now have to build relationships through the open social interface, customers want to know, connect and trust the character and values behind the interface.  Even in politics we trust the personality and style of the candidate more than the policies and this has become a key element in how we vote.

How do you Attract Customers to your Business?

‘The study of interpersonal attraction is a major area of research in social psychologyThe notion of “birds of a feather flock together” points out that similarity is a crucial determinant of interpersonal attraction. Studies about attraction indicate that people are strongly attracted to look-a-likes in physical and social appearance (“like attracts like”). According to the ‘law of attraction’ by Byrne (1971), [13] attraction towards a person is positively related to the proportion of attitudes similarity associated with that person.’

Developing a Personal Business Personality enables your Customers:

·         To find the business attractive – like a magnetic

·         To distinguish your offers from the other similar offers – the unique differences

·         To identify with the business character and brand values

·         To build a relationship with a tangible character

·         To trust the business to engage them – like minded

You want your business to magnetically attract your customers – to do this you need to magnetize its personality, unique character and values.  I am not talking about smoke and mirror or personal information, I am talking about your unique character and your values, creating your authentic personality in your business and promoting and projecting what is naturally YOU. Think of people like Richard Branson and Virgin, Steve Jobs and Apple and Anita Roddrick and the Body Shop, Sara Blakely and SPANXs aspects of their personality and values are in their business.  You need to build on your unique characters and values and make it part of your service standards and business brand.

You need to access what aspect of your uniqueness your customers will be attracted to, what is naturally you? If you are a colourful person, be a colourful business and attract colourful customers. It is naturally YOU, it does not need to be evolved and developed, and you have already done the work! You have been working on this all your life – Well done – now use it!

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