Reason to tell your sotry in business Janice B Gordon

1777899“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Robert McAfee Brown.

I attended the Women Empowering Women Luncheon yesterday and heard inspiring stories. One story was about the importance of coming to terms with your past and accepting who you are, to be able to embrace your full potential. I thought of how important storytelling is in effectively conveying a message, engaging and captivating other people emotions and motivating them into action.

Dave Kerpen a renowned speaker and storyteller said “Storytelling holds the keys to true persuasion.” For this reason stories are an effective tool to use in business. So why are stories so Effective? Stories:
   ·         Are easier to remember then facts and figures.

·         Are entertaining and illustrative.

·         Can convey difficult or complicated concepts.

·         Create empathy and a shared understanding/experience.

·         Are engaging they draw you in and take you on a journey so you want to know the outcome.

·         Are a gateway for learning.

·         Create a differentiated offer

·         Can create strong emotional bonds /triggers.

·         Are often personal and so believable.

·         Promotes belief and so creates trust.

Dave Kerpen shares how he realised the power of storytelling “I was totally raw and vulnerable in sharing the details of what had gone wrong, and how I had personally screwed up, even in the face of solving the original mistake. It was really hard for me to do – but my story paid off tremendously. Dozens of people walked up to me afterwards and said it was the best speech they’d ever seen. They thanked me – for my truth, for my transparency – and most of all, for my storytelling”.

The purpose the story is to get your audience to relate with you. I often tell my mentees that you need to understand your customers so well that ‘what they see in you is what they see in themselves’. However there must be a purpose or point to the story and the narrative structure creates a journey or path that naturally leads to the call to action or insight. You might be telling your personal story, your product story or creating a vision to lead a team or pitch for funding, convey your idea in a story and inspire others into action. So what’s your Story?

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