5 steps make an offer Janice B Gordon

8572934You are in business to make it easy for your potential customer to say – ‘YES’!  So your job as a business owner is NOT to sell, but to present the solution that your customers wants and needs.  Your customer only cares about you solving their problem; it is your job, through your offer, to show your customer that you have the right solution to their problem. 

To position your solution, whether a product, a service or an experience, that the customer wants position your value and make your customer the right offer. 

Five steps to make your customer an offer that they cannot refuse: 

1.     Clarify what it is you want to achieve? More fans, more engagement, more sales – have a clear SMART objective.

2.     Understand your target audience. Find out your target audience wants and needs?  What are the words that they would use to describe their needs?  Find out what problem frustrates this audience? Why is this problem important to this audience? How bad does the problem need to be to get your audience motivated? What gets your audience attention/excited? There is no point solving a problem your customer does not value or trying to engage with the relevant content.

3.     Answer – what do you do that no one else does in the way that you do it? This is your value. You need to align your value to your target audience to achieve your goal. This is the point of difference in your offer.  It is important that you clarify how your value will solve their problem or why your value is something this audience values i.e. what is in it for your potential customer. Your value helps to prove to your audience or potential customer that you are delivering on their want and need?

4.     Test your offer.  Ask the core group (test audience) would they want this offer?  Find out what it is that goes through their mind when they consider the offer?  What makes them hesitate to buy your offer, find out if there are any anxieties about your offer?  Then fix, refine and revise the offer. If you do not do step 4, you may not have thoroughly understood your target audience or not aligned your value to their wants and needs or not used their language, step 4 gives you the data to refine your offer.

5.     Make a clear call to action (clear direction of how to access the offer) Make it a simple 1 click processes, manage your potential customer expectations and deliver on your promises.  Then thank them. 

A well targeted and refined offer will lead your audience to become your customer so achieving your objective. 

Take a moment to review your current strategy and set a clear objective; can you better position your value to make it easy for your customer to say – ‘YES’!    

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