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2741743Business must give Customer’s what they Want not just Need

Business does not exist in a bubble the key element to business growth are customers. Your business growth strategies are your customer wants and needs, you cannot serve yourself unless you serve your customer first.

Your customer is the hand and your business is the glove, your job as an owner or manager is to find out the size, the style and the colour that makes that glove the perfect fit and solution to your customers’ desire. If you were sourcing the pair of gloves for a customer you would askthe customer relevant questions to get the gloves to match their function and desire.

So often we create a product or service having not asked the prospective customer what they want and assumed their needs, so the product or service is created from the creators experience with the customer in mind. This does not produce the best results.

Why is it that when we get into business we assume we knows and forget to ask the questions which will allow us to match our customers desires? Ask your customers; most will happy give their views or interview your customers in exchange for a gift or benefit they want. Why not get your customers to create the product?

·         Develop your products with a core group of customers

·         Run competition among your customers

·         Give free products in exchange for detailed feedback

Once you have a product your customer is happy with then you have to deliver the product in a way the customer want to receive it.  Ron Karr in his video ‘Sales Motivational Speaker: Giving Your Customers What They “Really” Need – Increasing Sales’   demonstrates understanding and delivering customer wants and needs very well.

Ron asked a potential customer “Can you describe what you want from me”? The question gave two very different answers:

1st said ‘Give no content they wanted the audience to laugh and have a good time’.

2nd said ‘Give content to arm the audience with the skills to help them compete to win those deals’.

Give the customer what they want not only what they need, Ron Karr say give it “the way they want it. Otherwise, your product and service will not be perceived as being the right solution”.

You cannot fulfil you customer expectations from your assumptions of what your customer needs, but from the knowledge of knowing what your customers wants. Unless your business is aligned to your customers wants and needs your business cannot grow.

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