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7300333The world has changed and the traditional masculine capitalist structures are becoming too complicated in a global economy to manage and so are breaking down. It is simply the ending of another economic circle; we will and are creating new structures appropriate this technological age, to complement this new awareness of equity.  The advantage is that we have all we need, both men and women like yin and yang are complementary and not opposing forces, they interact to form a whole greater than either separate part.

In the new economy women will play an equitable part in creating and manage it. In her article Stephanie Burns states ‘Four Advantages to Being a Female Entrepreneur’:

1.     Collaboration

2.     Create new company culture

3.     Intuition.

4.     Tenacity.

These behaviours are essential in the new economy. The old masculine behaviours played out in the many banking scandals of ‘I win or you lose’, ‘them and us’ are no longer relevant. Then business was not personal but now with the influence of social media changing the way we do business, ‘business is all personal’.  The relevant values are trust and responsibility and the behaviours needed in the new economy are engagement and partnership. Trust can no longer be assumed, business has to work harder to gain trust and engage customers. The behaviours women naturally possess are aligned to this new economy and are back by the research below:

·         Women are nearly three times as likely to collaborate with research institutions (universities in particular) than male businesses (11.4% compared with 3.8%) (ibid British Chambers of Commerce 2004)

·         Female entrepreneurs are more likely to create a product or service unfamiliar to the market, to have fewer competitors, and they are more likely to be using technology in their products or services than their male counterparts. In addition they are more likely than male businesses to be offering a product or service to the market that has been developed in the last year. (ibid British Chambers of Commerce 2004).

·         Women are more likely than men to think that social, ethical and environmental considerations in business are important. (59% compared with 48%) (A Survey of Social Enterprise Across the UK, DTi, 2005)

·         Women starting up in business will tend to provide a more immediate contribution to the economy: Around one in five women come into self-employment from unemployment compared with around one in fifteen for men. ( ‘Promoting Female Entrepreneurship’ SBS/ DTI, 2005)

The world is changing and I agree with Stephanie Burns that ‘we’ll begin to see even more personal touch and attention from women-led businesses’.

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