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Invest in your employeesYou cannot control how your customers think but you can heavily influence how your employees think, behave and act. I have never found a business that has engaged employees and dis-engaged customers.

Induce your employees thoroughly into the business. Do not assume they will magically absorb the values. What is obvious to you will not be to anyone else. An induction is a written programme that will include an explanation of the mission, purpose, value, goals, culture, expectations and behaviours, as well as the technology and procedures. Be open about the ‘unwritten’ rules. Buddy them up with an experienced employee. Introduce them to your customers and help them build relationships with other stakeholders. They will become more effective quicker. Training is crucial. Never overlook it and ensure it is continuous. Involve your staff in training programmes and review and update procedures and engage employees in every process improvement. Debbie Laskey explains more about On-boarding Employees
Your employees may be your only competitive advantage. For this reason as a manager, you need to devote a sizeable percentage of your time to connecting with your employees. It will never be wasted time if you are genuinely interested in growing your business. There is a direct link between employee engagement, reduced staff turn-over, improved customer satisfaction and better business results.

Gina Abudi promote ways to engage employees:
·                     Support self-branding efforts as such efforts will benefit the organization too

·                     Know your employees – what is important to them – both inside and outside of the workplace

·                     Help them develop their skills and build their knowledge to enable them to grow with the organization

·                     Develop reward and recognition programmes to support engagement

·                     Listen to their ideas and implement their suggestions

·                     Know what their goals are and help them to achieve those goals

·                     Offer constructive feedback regularly

·                     Help employees achieve a work-life balance

·                     Communicate frequently – about what is going on in the organization, the department, etc. Make your employees  feel a part of it all.

Create a culture of ‘do it right first time’. Pick up on poor performance quickly and discreetly, whilst recognising good performance publicly. Have an incentive scheme, non-monetary incentives can be as effective to employee engagement. Above all, invest in your employees to invest in your business.

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