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How to create a visionAll too often I see businesses without a clear vision of where they are going, why they’re in business and how they’re going to get to where they’re going. You would not drive a car having no reason for the journey or intention when you reach a destination, would you?

What is in a Vision Statement?

·                     Have a clear vision of what success means to you and your business?

·                     Make it personal, where is your passion? Why you?

·                     Create a road map of not only what is, but why, this journey is important to you and your customer?

·                     Outline what the need is in detail, what pain/problem it is solving and what desire is it serving?

·                     Identify the customers who want the service or product and state the experiences they require to satisfy their   desire.

·                     Identify the structure and systems needed to consistently meet your customer expectations.

·                     List the customer service and product/service standards required.

·                     Take time to scope out your vision in detail, calculating quantitative values and qualitative behaviours.

·                     Create a picture of how your success vision would feel to achieve and describe the emotions.

If you cannot work with 100% conviction and belief in your vision, then do not do start the journey and trust your instincts. Michelle L Casto gives a great example of building your life with excellence and pride in How to be the master of your destiny

Creating a Vision

When envisioning the life you want to live and the work you want to pursue, it is important to pay attention to your longings and deepest desires, mull-over your vision and aspirations, let your sub-conscious communicate your deepest desires while you asleep and learn to listen to your intuition and deepest desires. If you do you will make wiser decisions whatever you do, don’t jump in without first scoping out the vision, living with the dream and only when you are emotionally committed to the vision should you begin the journey.

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